Half-Cut Cell + Twin Panel Technology

Half-cut cell + twin panel technology consists in cutting the solar cell in half by non-destructive cutting infrared laser and splits the conventional layout of 3 cell-strings in 1 electric circuit into the innovative layout of 6 cell-strings + 2 electric circuits in a PV module. 
This technology halves the electric current of the cell and reduces effectively the internal electric resistance on the cell ribbon and increases the module power by 2%. The twin panel design minimizes the power loss in shading conditions, hence improves the system mismatch and heightens the efficiency of the PV system.
Lower Hot Spot Temperature
Lower Operating Temperature
Lower Shading Loss
The twin section layout of the cell strings in a PV module enables the module to continue to produce at least 50% of the overall energy even when one part of the module or the cell string is shaded.
Multi-busbar Technology
Another advantage of the MBB design is the improved light absorption thanks to the round ribbon application. In comparison with the traditional flat ribbon of 5BB, the round ribbon can increase the light utilization by 1% - 1.5%.
Bifacial Technology 
The bifacial PV modules allow light to enter simultaneously from both the front and the  back sides of a solar module. By converting both direct and reflected light into electricity, bifacial PV systems can generate as much as 30% more energy than a comparable monofacial PV system.
The reflected light can come from a variety of sources, such as reflection from the ground or from a neighboring row of PV modules. The reflectiveness of the surface decides the albedo and hence the amount of the additional electricity generated of the bifacial PV modules. 
The installation height of the bifacial PV modules also influences the power gain and is recommended not less than 1 meter.


Relation of albedo and bifacial gain





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