In Quality We Trust
• State-of-the-art robotic manufacturing
• Fully certified manufacturing plant equipped with 4.0 industry revolution machines, including IoT, cloud computing, AI robotics and advanced sensors. The new process enables predictive maintenance, improvements to self-optimization and brings the whole manufacturing process to new levels of efficiency. Real-time visibility due to high-tech machinery enables higher productivity, better responsiveness to clients and higher quality assurance. A complete smart factory.
• 7*24 real time monitoring
• AI-powered inspections eliminates product defects
• Edge computing
• Advance data analytics including predictive
• Track and trace SC visibility
• Advanced robotics and IoT
• 7*24 real time monitoring
• Artificial intelligence and machine learning
• Next generation ERP systems
• Edge computing
• Advance data analytics including predictive
• HPC (high performance computing)
• Track and trace SC (supply chain) visibility
• Advanced robotics and IoT
• High level of cybersecurity

Supreme quality is in the genes of our products
• Fully automated production eliminates human errors and enables operational efficiency
• Advance intelligent data gathering and analysis facilitates the decision-making process
• AI-powered inspections eliminates product defects
• Rigorous control procedures following TUV guidelines ensure error-free manufacturing process
• Comprehensive range of tests before, during and after production ensure additional visual and computer-assisted
quality control
• Advanced testing procedures to ensure high performance of modules all year long and long life span
• Sophisticated equipment and instruments used according to inspection policy to ensure the most accurate and
advanced process and product quality control
• We use best practices, we adhere strictly to standards and specifications to guarantee defect-free product
• From material control, through production control and up to after-production check, we aim to provide to our
customers consistent production quality and timely deliveries





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