Why Is Renewable Energy So Popular?

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residential solar system

As the cost of renewable energy continues to decline, more and more families are switching to renewable energy. One of the most abundant and cheapest sources is solar energy. Of course, wind and hydroenergy are also playing an increasingly important role in society. Let's talk about the advantages of these three renewable energy sources.




1. Advantages of Solar Energy

(1) Reduce environmental pollution

Solar energy is 100% clean and renewable source. It reduces the dependence of electricity production on oil, coal and gas. These fossil fuels are responsible for global warming by producing harmful emissions. Solar energy, However, hardly pollutes the environment. Moreover, the sun is endless, providing the earth with an infinite source of energy. Therefore, residential solar system is an investment of the furture earth, which can not only save electricity costs, but also reduce the use of non renewable energy and finally achieve the goal of environmental sustainable development.


(2) No Longer Afraid of Blackouts

Due to its large population and vast territory, China may be the most vulnerable to power failure in developing countries. So our power grid needs to be modernized to meet the increasing demand for electricity. Adding a household panel unit that is powered by residential solar modules could store enough electricity to supply the family during peak hours.


The household solar panel manufactured by Luxen Solar company is a a good choice to deal with unexpected power failure. With a residential solar system, solar panels can absorb solar energy during the day and store the surplus into batteries. By installing solar panels, you can control your electric energy freely.


(3) Save Electricity 

If your monthly electricity bill is very high, household solar panels can cover your costs. According to the size, efficiency and location of the household solar system, some solar panels actually generate more electricity than your need. This may reduce your monthly electricity bill to zero.



residential solar system

2. Advantages of Wind

(1) Save Space

According to the study, wind turbines can only generate electricity for 600 homes a year. In order to improve the efficiency of wind power generation, the size of the turbines is becoming larger and larger. These larger turbines do require a larger space, but the land between every turbine can be used for food production and other farming activities.


(2) Create More Jobs

Wind energy production is a rapidly developing industry and more jobs are being created for it. It is estimated that the wind energy industry has created nearly 600000 jobs for the society.



residential solar system

3. Advantages of Hydropower

Hydropower is an internal energy source that allows each country to produce its own energy without relying on international fuel sources. The energy generated by hydropower depends on the natural water cycle, which is more reliable and affordable than fossil fuels.

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