Which Battery Is Suitable for My Solar System?

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You may be considering installing a household solar system, but have you learned how to choose the right battery for your solar energy system to avoid common mistakes and reduce the investment costs?



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1. The Importance of Choosing a Good Battery

Many homeowners who are interested in installing solar systems are not aware that even batteries of almost the same size will have very different performance and lifespan. If you buy the right batteries, your solar system may have a longer mission time and lower maintenance costs.


You may wonder: since the battery specifications are almost the same, why is there such a big difference in quality? This is because batteries are made in different ways. Some reliable solar energy suppliers will produce high-quality grids and use high-tech machines for automatic assembly and quality control. After the battery is produced, careful performance testing will be carried out to ensure that each battery can achieve the desired effect. On the contrary, some other manufacturers will buy a batch of outdated raw materials to manually assemble the battery, which can easily cause the battery performance degradation.


It seems cost-effective to purchase low-cost batteries in the initial stage. However, such poor quality batteries need more maintenance. Moreover, these batteries can break down at any time, affecting the operation of the solar system. So a good battery will determine whether your solar system can work continuously for a long time.



household solar system

2. Which Battery can I Choose?

The three most commonly used batteries in household solar systems are lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and brine batteries. They all have their own advantages, so you need to have a simple understanding of them before you make the choice.


(1) Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are currently the first choice for most household solar energy systems. Because of the light weight and the compact structure, there are usually no quality problems of these batteries, which make the maintenance cost relatively low. However, due to the higher technical level of lithium batteries, it is more expensive than any other batteries.


(2) Lead-acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries are the longest used solar battery. This technology has undergone a complete and detailed testing and has played an important role in off-grid solar systems. Although the battery life is relatively short, but their lower cost still makes them warmly welcomed in the market. If you decide to install an off-grid solar system and want to store the remaining power in the battery, then lead-acid batteries are definitely a very good choice for you.


household solar system

(3) Brine Batteries

Brine battery is a very novel battery technology. In addition, there is no heavy metal in the brine battery. Using lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries will pollute the environment to varying degrees and require special treatment after the battery life ends. However, this kind of battery that relies on salt water electrolyte is very convenient to recycle and also very good for environmental protection.



Now you finish the basic information of solar batteries, we hope you have your own choice already. If you have any questions, please consult Luxen.

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