What Should You Know about Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

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The continuous utilization of clean energy makes people gradually realize the benefits of these energy to life. At the same time, many problems about the solar panels installation have arisen. If you have a very large open space in your home and you don't want to install solar panels on the rooftop, then ground mounted solar panels are a great choice. Today we are going to talk about what problems should be paid attention to before installation? The following questions will help you get a clearer picture of how to choose ground mounted solar panels.



ground mounted solar panels

1.Are All Grounds Suitable for Ground Mounted Solar Panels ?

Location is a key factor in determining whether your home is suitable for ground mounted solar panels. Some cities have special soil types and much extreme weather, which require engineers to carefully survey it before installing the panels. If the basic conditions aren't up to scratch, you may need to abandon your installation plans or pay a little more money for a designer to design your own solar panel size.




2. Which Ground Mounted Solar Panels should I Choose?

For now, Standard Ground Mount is still the option for most homes. The idea is to place a few electrodes on the ground and attach a bracket to the top to hold the panels in place. The device is cheap and easy to operate. But it is fixed by pouring concrete, which means it can't be moved at all. So it can't work in bad weather.


If you want to use solar energy in extreme weather, consider a solar panel mounted on a pole. That is to place a column in the ground to form an array and the pole mounted solar panel is mounted on the top of the column,which can be adjusted at any time and greatly increases solar absorption. The biggest disadvantage of the device is the high price and engineering complexity. So consider clearly before your decision. If there is a need, you can go to consult a professional installer for advice. Luxen Solar can provide you with the most professional consulting services. You can contact us.



ground mounted solar panels

3. Does Solar Panel Need to Be Far from the Property Line?

Remember to measure your property line before installation. If your solar system is too close to the line, you may need to dismantle the entire system and adjust the distance again. So you must be clear about the restrictions on the property line in your area, so as to avoid second payment.



ground mounted solar panels

4. Are Ground Mounted Solar Panels Allowed in My Area?

Almost no region has a policy against installing mounted solar systems. You can do so as long as you have permission to install and the materials are up to standard. Solar photovoltaic cells generally don't affect the soil, so ground mounted solar systems can be very beneficial. Whats more, the ground mounted solar system is less prone to accidents, so the safety is also guaranteed.



The above points can help you understand the ground mounted solar installation system from different perspectives. We hope you can get inspiration from it. If you have any other questions, please contact Luxen Solar. We will try our best to solve the problem for you.

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