What Should You Ask before Installing Solar Power?

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solar panel system

Solar power generation has become a trend. If you are also considering installing a solar panel system for your home, there are some issues that must be considered carefully before the formal installation. Because you have to make sure that your home is suitable for the installation of solar power system and the system can bring you a return on investment.



1. Can You Install Solar Energy on Your Rooftop?

The first thing to consider when installing a solar panel system is whether your installation site is suitable. If your rooftop is very old or needs to be repaired in the near future, try to do this before installing it. Otherwise, you will not only have to pay for repairing the roof, but also spend extra removing and reinstalling the system.

solar panel system

2. Does Your House Get Enough Sunlight?

As we all know, solar panels absorb solar energy and then convert it into electricity. So how much energy the solar panels absorb every day determines how much electricity you can get. To maximize the use of solar panels, we recommend that you place your solar system on a rooftop facing south or west. These two directions are the best to absorb sunlight.



3. How Long is The Warranty ?

The durability of the solar power system is beyond question. But the warranty is what every solar company should provide to its customers, including the warranty for many components, such as inverters and monitoring equipment. At present, almost all the solar photovoltaic systems are guaranteed for 25 years. So it is very necessary to find a solar company with deep experience. If the company fails within the warranty period, you can only expect that your solar power system will not have problems. After ten years of development in solar energy industry, Luxen Solar are confident to provide you with the best guarantee service .



solar photovoltaic systems

4. How much Electricity do You Use ?

It doesn't make much sense to install a solar panel system If you usually spend little on electricity. Because the more electricity you consume, the greater the return on investment will bring. So after confirming that your electricity consumption meets the installation limit, you should discuss with your solar energy supplier and let them design the best solution which can meet your annual electricity demand and realize cost saving.



5. Where Else can Solar Systems be Installed?

Most homeowners choose to install solar power panels on their rooftop so that it absorbs as much sunlight as possible. But if you don't have a good rooftop, a ground-based solar system is also a good choice. It can absorb enough solar energy as long as your ground is flat and not covered.


By solving these installation problems, you can install your solar panel system in the most cost-effective way. If you have any other questions, please call Luxen Solar. We will try our best to solve all the problems about the solar system installation for you.

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