What Should We Know When Designing a Solar Photovoltaic Plant?

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Solar photovoltaic plant is an important way to utilize solar energy. How to scientifically design solar photovoltaic plants to maximize the efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells has become the top priority of the design work.


solar photovoltaic cells

Therefore, according to the actual design work, this article describes the operating characteristics of the solar photovoltaic plants, discusses the factors affecting the inclination of solar photovoltaic plants and emphasizes the matters that should be paid attention to in the design of them.



1. Operating Characteristics of Solar Photovoltaic Plants

Solar photovoltaic plant is sensitive to electricity generation. As long as the illumination of sunlight is more than 15~20W/ m2, it will enter into the power generation state. Therefore, even in cloudy days, early morning or late evening, solar photovoltaic cells will still generate electricity, which makes the solar photovoltaic plant significantly work longer than that of thermal power generation.


Solar photovoltaic plant relies on the photoelectric effect to generate electricity, and solar photovoltaic cells also have a relatively obvious temperature effect. As a result, when the sun is at its strongest at noon, the heating of solar photovoltaic cells will reduce the generating load, and this phenomenon will last for a long time, affecting the operation of solar photovoltaic plant.

solar photovoltaic cells 

2. Factors Influencing the Photoelectric Conversion Efficiency

(1) Meteorological Environment

Solar photovoltaic cells have been exposed to the natural environment for a long time. Factors such as wind, rain and lightning will affect the photovoltaic cells. Light, wind, temperature and other factors will change the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells. Some factors can even cause damage to the function and structure of solar photovoltaic cells. So we should actively carry out meteorological and environmental monitoring when designing solar photovoltaic plants.


(2) Inclination Angle of Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Solar photovoltaic panels need to absorb sunlight at the best angle, so as to really improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency. The angle of solar photovoltaic panels will have great changes in different seasons, different geographical locations and sunshine conditions. So the tilt angle of solar photovoltaic panels should be actively adjusted according to the physical truth.


solar photovoltaic cells 

3. Points to Note When Design Solar Photovoltaic Plants

(1) Determination of Meteorological Environment

The meteorological environmental factors should be considered in the design of solar photovoltaic plants, and meteorological equipment for solar photovoltaic plants should be established to ensure the functions of meteorological environmental instruments. Strictly monitor the special weather that affects the operation of solar photovoltaic plants, and realize the high efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells while ensuring the stability of solar photovoltaic plants.


(2) Determination of the Best Inclination Angle

It is necessary to draw the photoelectric conversion curve of the solar photovoltaic cells according to the geographical location and the daily radiation value. Determine the inclination angle of the solar photovoltaic cells by calculating the solar height angle and adjust it through computer programming to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the solar photovoltaic cells.



To sum up, the construction of solar photovoltaic plant is the trend of the times and social development. In the process of designing solar photovoltaic plant, we need to pay attention to the photoelectric conversion efficiency, consider more parameters, and finally select the best design scheme.

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