What Should We Consider Before Installing Solar Energy?

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With the increasing popularity of solar power technology, many consumers are wondering whether they need to install solar panels. There are some questions to be considered before deciding whether to use the technology to save energy.



solar power technology

1. Is Your Roof Covered?

If your roof is covered with trees most of the time, there may not be enough solar power to use . If your roof is well orientated and has enough sunlight, you can try installing solar panels after making sure your house is structurally sound.


Today's solar panels have a 20 to 25-year warranty. Don't install the panels if you have the idea of renovating the roof in the next few years. Otherwise, you'll not only have to spend the money on the roof but  also have to reinstall the panels.



2. Calculation of Power Supply Efficiency

The maximum installed capacity of solar panels depends on your power consumption. Therefore, energy calculation and efficiency improvement should be carried out before installation. You can check the electricity bill to determine the monthly and annual electricity demand. If you are going to buy an electric car, the power demand may increase. So you must take your electricity schedule into account .



solar power technology

3.Which Solar Energy Is the Most Valuable?

There are two major solar technologies. One is photovoltaic technology, which uses solar arrays to convert sunlight into electricity. The second is thermal technology, which means using sunlight to heat water or air for internal use. If your house needs a lot of energy for heating, then solar energy investment may be better balanced.


But the market for solar thermal energy is very small now, making it difficult to find qualified installers.



4. Is Your Solar Supplier Trustworthy?

You'd better choose a trustworthy company, or you can only hope that there will be no problems during the solar panels life cycle. Although solar photovoltaic modules have no active components and require little special maintenance, you can still run into problems if your supplier goes bankrupt under warranty. As a 10-year-old solar panel company, Luxen Solar deserves your trust.



solar power technology

5. Rent or Buy?

Every family needs to weigh the costs and benefits. You will spend a lot of money buying a solar photovoltaic system and get huge payoff. However, renting a solar system allows you to get cheaper electricity with less money but limited benefits. Therefore,one problem should be clear before the installation: the panels last for decades, but the other electronic devices in the system, such as power inverters, have a very short life span. When budgeting for costs, don't forget to consider the replacement of other system components.


After clarifying the above five questions, you can clearly judge whether you need to install solar photovoltaic panels.

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