What Should Be Considered When Calculating the Number of Panels Required by A Company?

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The development of the solar energy industry has not only driven the installation of household solar photovoltaic systems, more and more companies are also considering installing solar panels to reduce their energy consumption. Although many business owners have this idea, they don't know much about solar panels and don't know how many solar panels are needed to power their businesses. In fact, when calculating the number of solar panels, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, and some misunderstandings need to be avoided.



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1. Formulas Are Not Always Correct

Calculating how many solar panels your business needs is not a simple process. Although there are formulas that allow you to substitute the data into the result, the final answer is a rough estimate. If you have installed a solar energy system or have seen someone else's solar system, you will find a very interesting phenomenon in the system manual. These specifications clearly state the disclaimer that "parameters are for reference only and circumstances are subject to change". This also implies that it is not advisable to calculate the number of solar panels by formula alone.


Actually, calculating the number of commercial solar panels may exceed the capabilities of online applications. All the current formulas that can calculate the number of solar panels are based on the average daily electricity production. But some companies' demand is not average. If you are starting to think about solar energy systems seriously, now it is a good time to hire an independent solar consultant or contact a reliable solar power manufacturer. They can help you understand some of the more subtle factors hidden in the relatively simple calculations.



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2. Understand Your Energy Fluctuations

The energy consumption of each enterprise is very different. Even for the same enterprise, there will be special energy fluctuations in different peak periods. Therefore, it is better to install an efficient commercial solar cell storage system to reduce electricity charges rather than use ordinary solar panels to meet the peak power demand.


If your goal is to halve the cost of electricity, the number of solar panels you need will be quite different. And if you have an area where you can choose to use net metering, you are able to install more solar panels, as the excess electricity generated by solar panels can sent into the public grid for additional benefits.



3. Considering the Degradation Rate of Panels

The efficiency of a solar panel determines how much electricity it can convert. The higher efficiency of solar photovoltaic panels has, the less number of panels is required. But there is no denying that all solar panels will degenerate. So the degradation rate of solar panels also affects how many panels you need. It can be said that the lower the degradation rate is, the faster the commercial solar energy savings will be realized.


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To sum up, the calculation of solar panels number is more complicated than you think. In the calculation process, those hidden basic problems must be considered. Only in this way can you know how many panels a company needs.

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