What Is Community Solar?

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A community solar project is a solar power plant whose electricity is shared by more than one property. The main purpose of community solar is to give community members an opportunity to share the benefits of solar power generation. Because some people may not have enough money to install independent solar photovoltaic systems, the project will allow participants to benefit from community solar, which will save some money for them.



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1. Principles of Community Solar

Solar energy developers will build a solar system that generates enough electricity to meet the energy needs of the community. If community members are interested in participating in this project, they need to sign a contract to buy electricity from the solar array. This purchased electricity is tracked by the public grid and charged to the electricity bills. In most cases, community solar can offset the monthly electricity bill.


You might think, "If I buy electricity from a solar developer, why do I need a public grid?" In fact, community solar systems still need public grid to store the electricity because the electricity needs to be delivered to customers via existing transmission lines. 



2. Benefits of Community Solar 

(1) Reduce Purchase Cost

It costs a lot of money to buy a stand-alone household solar system. You may cost more than $10000 to buy a single household solar system, and later you'll have to add up the installation costs. But the reality is that most families probably earn less than $5,000 a year.


For those who can't afford to invest in such high-quality devices, community solar provides a way to use solar energy without paying in advance. Community solar developers built the system at their own expense. Customers just need to register and start paying their bills every month, just like paying their electricity bills. In this way, they can get the return of lower energy costs and positive environmental impacts without having to spend a lot of money. 


community solar systems

(2) Make Solar Energy More Widely Available

Although installing solar energy is a generally accepted energy-saving method, not all houses are suitable for installing solar thermal systems.


For the heads of a single-family house, they cannot install a solar system if the orientation of their house is not exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, or if the house is covered by trees and cannot get enough sunlight. 


For urban communities, it is almost impossible to install an independent household solar system, because the general community simply cannot provide enough courtyard space or roof for all residents.


So if it is not feasible to build a solar system on your house, choosing a community solar plan is a good way to get solar energy for your property.


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(3) No Maintenance Costs 

You only bought part of the electricity from the community solar, which means that you are not the owner the entire solar system. So even if the components of the solar system fail, you don’t need to pay for maintenance. All warranty services are provided by community solar developers. You only need to enjoy the convenience brought by the community solar system.



To sum up, community solar is a good idea which enables more people to enjoy the convenience of solar energy. However, we also recognize that solar energy is a very profitable investment that saves owners a lot of money over the life cycle of the system. So we believe that community solar needs spreading further. At the same time, if you have the ability to install a stand-alone solar system, it will be a more cost-effective investment.

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