What Are the Important Specifications for Evaluating a Solar Battery?

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In recent years, the installation of household solar system has become a popular trend. But many solar energy system users do not know the whole solar system very well, and even some people only know that the solar energy system can supply power for the family, but do not understand why.

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In fact, it is very important to comprehend how a solar energy system works and what major parts of a solar energy system. This will help you to have a keen judgment in choosing a solar system and not be cheated by some unscrupulous solar power suppliers.


Some people may know that one of the most critical components of a solar system is called a solar panel. Solar panels usually absorb the most heat energy at noon(the time when most houses use the least energy). So the remaining electricity has to be stored in a device called a solar battery.


The quality of a solar battery determines whether that electricity can be effectively stored. Therefore, choosing a good battery is also an important task. The following specifications need to be observed when purchasing solar batteries and you should choose the one that meets the requirements.




1. The Basic Parameters of the Battery

The most important three parameters of a solar battery are the capacity, rated power and the depth of discharge.


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Capacity is the total amount of electricity that a solar battery can store. At present, most solar batteries can be used in series, which means that you can install more than one battery at the same time to obtain additional capacity. But we still recommend that you choose a single high-capacity battery, which can reduce the number of batteries you should buy.


Rated power is the amount of electricity that a battery can deliver at one time. In general, you should choose a battery with a higher power rating, because it can provide you with a large amount of power in a short time.


The depth of discharge refers to the used battery capacity. We usually don't use up 100% of the battery power, otherwise the battery life will be greatly shortened. Most suppliers will limit it to 90% of the battery capacity.




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2. Battery Life Expectancy and Warranty

As the household solar system works every day, solar batteries are constantly storing or releasing electricity. Therefore, the working capacity of the solar battery will gradually decrease. So choosing a solar battery with a long life expectancy can help increase your return on investment.


As we know, every solar battery is guaranteed by the supplier when it is purchased. Most solar battery manufacturers guarantee that the battery will maintain a certain capacity during the warranty period.



So if you want to know how long your solar batteries will last, it all depends on which battery brand you choose and whether you take good care of them.

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