Using intelligent Solar Solutions to Avoid Long-term Operation and Maintenance Costs

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By the end of 2019, the cumulative installed capacity of PV modules in China will reach 130.25Gw. With the continuous improvement of the policy, the pace of photovoltaic access to the grid is accelerating.Solar photovoltaic panels can be installed in places where there is sunlight, which makes photovoltaic modules widely spread. In addition, its simple structure and pollution-free characteristics will make it more widely used in the future.


The wide application of solar photovoltaic modules makes the problem of operation and maintenance cost become more and more obvious. How to adopt smart solar solutions to avoid long-term operation and maintenance costs becoming a concern for consumers.

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The Importance of Avoiding Unexpected Long-term Operation and Maintenance Costs

Effective operation and maintenance management is an important part of a successful solar power installation. Maintaining good operation and maintenance is an important aspect to ensure the effective operation of PV system. But most users of solar panels often ignore this problem. In fact, good operation and maintenance can greatly improve the return on investment.

Large commercial panel transactions need to sign operation and maintenance contracts. However, with the declined price of contracts, a lot of corresponding services have been reduced. This includes practices like corrective maintenance work, vegetation management and module washing, which are often missing from these scopes.


So when these important tasks need to be completed, consumers will find that they need to hire additional staff, resulting in unexpected extra costs. In this case, third-party employees often quote very high service fees. This cost is not included in the initial cost, which can cause significant changes in the rate of return on investment and budget costs.

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Methods to Avoid Unnecessary Operation and Maintenance Cost

Luxen Solar has a one-stop solar solution that helps consumers plan the entire life of photovoltaic systems from the beginning. The company's technical personnel include the ongoing operation and maintenance management in the operation and maintenance contract, so all parties can understand the operation and maintenance events and their impact on the system performance. This helps consumers clarify their long-term view of return on investment.

While the PV modules and components come at a set price, soft costs for solar PV installations can increase over time under poor project management. To that end, the intelligent operation and maintenance solution of Luxen goes beyond the traditional products and provides a unique platform for stakeholders. Here are a few evasive solutions offered by Luxen:

Upgrade remote debugging system

Sort and analyse the data in detail, so the operation and maintenance

team can accurately locate the fault, reduce unnecessary costs.


The combination of these methods can greatly improve the efficiency of photovoltaic modules and ensure the seamless and smooth power generation. By combining the intelligent operation and maintenance system produced by our company, the two can achieve win-win results. Unpredictable operation and maintenance costs will also be greatly reduced.

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