The Prospect of Solar Photovoltaic Generation Technology

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solar photovoltaic panels

With the rapid development of the global economy and the progress of human beings, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for energy. Therefore, the exploitation of new energy has become an urgent issue for the society. 


The energy of the sun shining on the earth is beyond your imagination40 minutes of direct solar radiation is enough to provide a year of energy consumption for humans. It can be said that solar energy is truly a kind of inexhaustible energy. Therefore, solar power generation is an ideal energy with a wide range of applications and a bright future. Next, we will enter the "solar world" to understand how the solar power system works and the specific prospects of photovoltaic power generation.



Composition of Solar Power Systems

The function of solar power panel is to convert solar energy into direct current for users or store in battery for next use. Generally, solar energy installers will connect a number of solar panels to form a solar cell array to meet the needs of users. 


The charge controller is mainly composed of a dedicated processor, electronic components, displays, and switching power tubes. In the solar power generation system, the basic function of the charge controller is to provide the battery with the best charging current and voltage in order to charge the battery quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, it can reduce losses during the charging process and maximize the service life of the battery. 


The inverter can invert the DC power provided by the solar cell array into AC power, which can be used by AC loads and integrated into the grid. One of the important criteria for selecting an inverter is efficiency. The higher efficiency the inverter has, the less power in the current conversion loses. The quality of the inverter determines the efficiency of the power generation system, so it is the core of the solar power generation system.




solar inverter

Applications of Solar Power Generation

As the types of solar cells continue to increase, the scope of solar application is becoming wider and the market scale is gradually expanding. In the early days, solar energy was mainly used in military and aerospace fields. Today, solar energy has entered the sectors of industry, commerce, agriculture, communications, household appliances and public facilities. 


Solar power applications are divided into several aspects: small household solar power stations, large grid-connected power stations, building-integrated photovoltaic system, solar street lights, etc.



Current Situation and Prospect of China Solar Photovoltaic Generation 

China's solar generation industry has a considerable scale and the technical conditions have become mature. Solar energy utilization will be the most feasible solution for China's energy reform. 



solar panels

China is an international production base for photovoltaic generation applications. There are 10 solar cell production lines with an annual production capacity of approximately 4.5MW. In the next ten years, the solar market will undergo great changes. Before 2010, most of Chinese solar cells were used in independent photovoltaic generation systems. From 2011 to 2025, the mainstream of China’s photovoltaic generation market will shift from independent power generation system to grid-connected power generation system.

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