The Most Common Problems in Rooftop Solar Systems

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A large amount of data shows that in recent years, more and more residential homeowners choose household solar photovoltaic systems. In just five years, the number of residential solar photovoltaic installations has increased dramatically.


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According to some statistics, most homeowners do not have enough space on the ground to install the solar photovoltaic system. Therefore, choosing the rooftop as the installation site of the solar energy system can not only achieve the direct purpose of saving electricity costs, but also obtain a huge return on investment. Most families' rooftops have unique structural advantages, which can maximize cost-effectiveness. With solar roof supports, you needn't buy pipes or pay for the extra labor required to install the solar energy system.


Many solar power companies have done more in-depth researches on this situation, and they found that most solar system users have some common questions before deciding to install solar energy systems.



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1. How to Determine the Matching Degree of the Rooftop and Solar Panels?

Since you want to install a solar energy system, you first have to know whether your rooftop is suitable for the installation of solar panels. Fortunately, almost all types of solar panels can be installed on the rooftop, as long as there are no major problems with your roof.


As a company that specializes in manufacturing solar panels, we sincerely tell you the fact: Although solar systems are suitable for almost everything, the installation of the system needs to consider many factors, so choosing the right solar panels is not a quick process.


First you have to figure out your roof material. In addition to the uncommon but most suitable metal roof, composite tiles are also one of the most suitable materials for installing solar panels. If your roof material is ceramic tiles, then installing solar panels will become more difficult, as solar energy system installers may not be able to walk normally on such rooftop.


In order to solve this problem, the solar installation personnel invented a new installation method. They replaced the tiles that needed to be installed with solar panels. Since the solar panels are covered with tiles, they will not affect the original roof in terms of height and aesthetics.



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2. Will Solar Panels Damage the Rooftop?

Many people have a wrong perception: installing a rooftop solar system will shorten the service life of the roof. In fact, rooftop solar systems can extend the life of the roof by protecting it from the external environment.


Normally, solar energy systems are installed above the rooftop, and air can flow between them, allowing the solar panels and the roof to maintain a suitable temperature at the same time.


Then why do people have such wrong judgments? It is because the installation of solar energy systems requires holes in the roof, which may make the roof vulnerable to rain. Therefore, you must choose experienced solar technicians who will provide you with the most feasible solar solution in terms of hardware installation.



These are two issues that most people will consider before installing a solar energy system. After giving the two answers, you can consider the more detailed aspects so that the choice will be more clear.

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