The Importance of Service Levels to the Solar Industry

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Service level is the key factor affecting the competitiveness of enterprises, especially for the service industry. Unlike clothing or hotel industries, solar photovoltaic module is a long-term investment. Users are pursuing considerable return of investment whether it is residential solar or utility- scale solar. Because of this, buying solar modules is definitely not a one-off deal. Next, we will introduce the factors which affect the service level of the solar power industry.


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Professional Competence of a Company

A solar company which can provide a wide range of sustainable services is definitely the preferred partner for most solar project developers. If we have these high-quality services, such as solar application technology consulting services and energy intelligent management, then these services can make the solar project obtain good results in the whole operation process . Only by giving feedback at every stage of the process can users get the most significant return on investment in the shortest time.


In addition to these hard components for solar PV installation, the working level of installation labor and the approval of qualification certificate are very important soft conditions, because these soft costs occupy more than 60% of the total cost of solar power system. Therefore, even if the price of photovoltaic modules is relatively constant, as long as these soft conditions are not up to the standard, mismanagement will occur, thus increasing unnecessary costs.


To sum up, the professional services provided by solar enterprises are of vital importance to the solar industry.



Training of High Efficiency Staff

Because of the important position of soft costs in the solar systems, solar companies must improve the professional skills of their employees and cultivate experienced project managers to handle delivery and project schedules.


Therefore, in order to cultivate outstanding engineers, technicians and solar project developers, it is necessary to increase staff training and certification opportunities.



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The Development Mode of the Company

Solar developers hope that solar PV installation can be as efficient and economical as possible. This requires solar energy enterprises to have a clear development model. Luxen chooses to introduce advanced intelligent photovoltaic solutions so that project developers can use various tools and resources to reduce costs.


In addition, Luxen Solar is committed to building a international supply chain and a global shopping website, which greatly improves the service level and wins the trust of many customers. While introducing advanced technology, Luxen Solar also spares no effort to improve its service skills. Up to now, Luxen's on-site project management services, construction management services and equipment commissioning services have far exceeded the current industry standards. 


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Because we know how efficient the service level is, how strong the company's competitiveness has. Therefore, the improvement of service level is a major driving force for the development of solar power industry.

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