Solar Photovoltaic Power Station on the University Roof

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Today, as everyone advocates energy conservation and environmental protection, the development of green new energy has become a trend. The development and utilization of solar energy has become one of the competitiveness of various countries, and various regions are also introducing corresponding policies to support large, medium and small solar photovoltaic projects. Many enterprises and users are keen on the integration of solar building. Under this new situation, universities have also opened solar photovoltaic majors one after another.


distributed solar photovoltaic system

This article briefly introduces the rooftop distributed solar photovoltaic system projects that have been built in some colleges and universities, and analyzes the significance of this project for energy conservation and emission reduction, the economic benefits brought to colleges and universities and the welfare provided in teaching practice.



1. Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Benefits

The energy-saving benefit of solar photovoltaic power station can be measured by the saving quantity of standard coal. Generally, 340g of standard coal is consumed for every 1kWh of power generation. The on-grid solar photovoltaic system of these universities can replace coal-fired power plants of the same scale with an average daily power generation of 4000 kWh, saving 1.36 tons of coal per day.


The environmental benefits of solar photovoltaic power plants are measured by the reduction of greenhouse gas emission. In addition to CO2, other greenhouse gases such as CH4, N20 will also be generated through welding thermal power unit. If the units are used to generate electricity, 1.69kg of greenhouse gas will be emitted for every 1kWh of electricity. However, colleges and universities that have installed solar photovoltaic systems will reduce their daily greenhouse gas by 4.3 tons.



distributed solar photovoltaic system

2. Economic Benefits

The distributed photovoltaic power station on the roof is a typical application of solar building integration. First of all, the school does not need to plan land for the installation of the solar photovoltaic panels, and there is no need to erect transmission lines, which greatly saves land resources. As many colleges are located in excellent positions with very expensive land prices, photovoltaic power plants have directly gained economic benefits. Secondly, solar photovoltaic power stations use solar energy to generate electricity without consuming any fuel or water, which greatly save costs. In addition, the combination of solar photovoltaic power station and roof can provide shade in areas with strong sunlight.



3. Significance for Teaching

The application of solar photovoltaic system can enable students to recognize renewable energy and solar energy utilization, and establish the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection.


distributed solar photovoltaic system

First of all, most of the teachers in this major focus on theoretical teaching, but are relatively weak in teaching practice. The power station provides a place for teachers to practice and improve their own abilities. Secondly, students can perform practical operations under the guidance of teachers, which can not only enhance the enthusiasm of learning, but also learn real knowledge.


All in all, universities are responsible for the dual tasks of higher education and scientific research, so the application of photovoltaic power plants is also of great significance to the development of scientific research.

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