Sizing Off-grid Solar Energy System

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As a power generation system independent of public grid companies, off-grid solar energy is very suitable for installation in remote areas, because this system allows people not to worry about whether the public grid can cover their homes. These types of solar energy systems can power off-grid homes and various industrial applications that need to power devices at remote work locations.


In order to let users who are interested in installing solar off-grid systems understand it better, this article will outline the step-by-step process of sizing off-grid solar systems and how to avoid some misunderstandings in the calculation process.



1. Accounting for Energy Demand

The first prerequisite for installing a solar system is to understand your energy needs. First of all, you can use your annual bill to estimate your electricity needs. Then check the data sheet or manual of the solar energy equipment to understand its power generation. If conditions permit, you can use an electricity meter to measure energy consumption, thus getting more accurate data.


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If your off-grid solar system is equipped with an inverter, the efficiency loss of the inverter must be taken into consideration. Normally, the inverter will lose a small amount of power during operation. Therefore, you need to read the specifications of the inverter clearly and then calculate the approximate power loss into your energy consumption.


Generally, the inverter efficiency loss is more than 5%, so choosing high-quality and efficient inverters plays an important role in improving the performance of the solar system.



2. Determine Geographic Location

Different conditions need to be considered when installing off-grid solar system in different places. First of all, you need a sunshine time map in your place, which can tell you how much photovoltaic resources are available in the area. Sizing an off-grid solar system requires an answer from the months with the highest and lowest power.


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If there are trees and other shadows around your house, it will also affect the performance of the solar energy system to a certain extent. Therefore, before formally installing an off-grid solar energy system, be sure to check the surrounding area of the house to ensure that your solar panels are exposed to sufficient sunlight during the peak hours of each day.



3. Avoid Calculation Errors

Many batteries in off-grid solar systems are lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries need to be fully charged regularly. If the lead-acid batteries are charged irregularly, they may fail in the first year of operation.


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Due to the inconsistent parameters of each off-grid solar system, you must refer to the battery specifications and user's manual to confirm the minimum and maximum charging criteria. Failure to follow these guidelines will usually result in invalid battery warranty.



Finally, if you have other questions about this process, please contact us. We can design a perfect solar energy system for you according to your location and energy needs.

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