Several Steps to Get Solar Panels

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solar power panels

As we all know, the electricity bill is an unavoidable obligation of every family. As long as your house is powered by the public grid, you will continue to spend more money on electricity. The electricity price will rise at any time. However, with the continuous development and spread of the solar energy industry, more and more visionary people begin to use solar photovoltaic systems to generate electricity, which has made a great contribution to reduce their energy consumption.


If you also want to install solar photovoltaic system, you must learn to choose the most suitable solar panel. Please follow the steps below, and we believe you can get the most satisfactory solar panels.



1. Choose Reliable Solar Energy Company

The first step in buying a solar panel is of course to find a company that can provide you with such products. A solar energy company that specializes in producing various solar panels and has solar panel installation experience must be your best choice. You can consult those neighbors or netizens who have installed solar systems to learn some experience. If you directly consult with several nearby solar companies, please make sure you understand the efficiency of the solar panels recommended by the companies and the quality of their warranty, installation and service.

solar power panels

At this stage, you do not need to ask for quotations of various panels. Because each house has different orientations, roof materials and the surrounding environments, solar installers cannot quote you based on past experience. Under normal circumstances, reliable solar energy companies will send technicians to evaluate your house and customize the overall design for you.



2. Determine a Financing Plan

Many people think that if you want to get a solar energy system, you must buy it in full. In fact, loans and leases can allow you to successfully use solar energy. You may not know that installing solar panels on your house will also get tax benefits. In the United States, solar system users can get a 30% tax credit, which means that you can get free electricity for nearly 30 years with relatively little money.



solar photovoltaic systems

3. Install Solar Energy System

After all the preliminary preparation, the solar energy company will arrange professional personnel to optimize the design of your solar system, so as to make the solar energy device generate as much electricity as possible, thus saving you more electricity charges. If the net metering is allowed in your area, the solar company will install an on- grid solar energy system for you so that the surplus power in the solar system can be fed into the grid for emergency.


It takes one to two days to install solar panels on the roof. Installers will deliver the solar panels and installation equipment to your home and install the wiring, panels and monitoring hardware. If you choose a very aesthetic solar company, they will help you install these components in a much hidden corner, so the solar energy system will not affect the overall effect of your house.



The above is the overall process of selecting solar panels. If you have other questions, please consult us.

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