Recycling of Solar Panel Modules

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Most of the solar panels are being recycled only after the end of life. However, typhoons and earthquakes can also cause damage to some of the solar panels, and the damaged solar panels modules will not continue to use. Therefore, how to deal with and use these damaged components has become a new topic in various industries.


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In 2018, Japan's Ministry of environment reviewed the "guidelines for promoting the recycling of solar power generation equipment", and the Ministry of economy is also actively considering and formulating legal disposal measures for solar panels. Of course, the entire solar industry is also eager to have a legal and effective third-party processing enterprises or platforms.


Under such circumstances, a special area related to renewable energy equipment was set up at the large-scale exhibition in 2019. Major companies and practitioners also showed their latest research results and technologies at the exhibition.



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1. Cycle Schemes Related to Solar Panels

A solar panel manufacturer and its recycling subsidiary put forward a recycling plan for solar panels. Before the emergence of this scheme, the recycling of solar panels only refers to the recycling of panels itself(such as aluminum frames), while the main cells of solar panels can only be treated as industrial wastes, including broken glass and metal fragments that cannot be refined. I believe you can also imagine that these batteries, which are treated as industrial waste, often cause secondary pollution to the environment.


In order to solve the above problems, this new recycling method advocates that all parts of the solar panels should be compressed and crushed as much as possible, and recycled by classification. This model may be the best way to reduce environmental pollution and cost. And the use of the scene is also very diverse, even if the glass broken by typhoon, you can use the automatic "broken glass panel separator" for proper treatment and recycling.


This recycling method is based on the fact that the company has mastered the manufacturing process of solar panels.



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2. Lithium Battery Recycling

A solar energy company provides feasible advice and help for renewable energy recovery by analyzing environmental resources. The company's current focus and investment theme is battery. In fact, if you take a closer look at the discarded battery boards, you will find that the discarded lithium batteries contain many rare metals, such as nickel, cobalt and manganese. These metals are dangerous and cannot be treated simply, so they need to be recycled from the perspective of environmental protection.


At the same time, the company analyzes the characteristics of batteries, collects data such as rare metal content and recovery rate and puts forward a large number of ideas. They believe that the solar energy industry should focus on improving the heat treatment and crushing technology of lithium-ion batteries in the future, and create recycling processes that have the least impact on the environment.

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