Is Metal Roofing Solar Photovoltaic Panels the Best?

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As a renewable energy, solar energy is spreading rapidly all over the world. With the continuous development of technology, the cost of installing solar photovoltaic panels is getting cheaper and cheaper. More and more people consider installing solar panels at home or in companies to save energy consumption. If you are also thinking about this issue, there is a new type of solar energy installation technology worth your careful study. That is, metal roofing solar photovoltaic panels. Then take a closer look at the advantages of this technique.



solar photovoltaic panels

1. Strong Durability

The direct purpose of installing solar energy is to save electricity and energy expenditure. Only if the solar panel lasts long enough will it be able to provide you with a constant electricity. The life expectancy of a typical solar photovoltaic panel is about 25 years. So the new installation technology has to go beyond that, or it will be meaningless.. The metal roofing satisfies this condition. It lasts for 60 years, which is far beyond the service life of the solar panels. It can make your solar photovoltaic panels complete their mission.



2. High Energy Efficiency

Metal roofings are usually coated with reflective material, which can keep your home cool in summer. Solar panels on the reflective metal roofings can further regulate indoor temperatures.


So the combination of these two things allows you to get more efficient energy with reasonable costs.



solar photovoltaic panels

3. High-quality Environmental Protection

An outstanding advantage of metal roofings is that they are made of recyclable materials. Therefore, using metal roofing is conducive to the sustainable development of the environment and reduce environmental pollution.




4. High Selectivity of Solar Panels 

Silicon photovoltaic panels and thin film photovoltaic panels are the two main types of solar panels. The former is larger and the latter is more flexible. The common rooftop can only install silicon photovoltaic panels while the metal roofings allows you to freely choose the type of panels to be installed, greatly improving the flexibility of your selection.



5. Strong Wind Resistance 

Most of the normal rooftops are often powerless in bad weather. However, metal roofings are excellent in extreme weather. Because this installation technology uses the bracket to fix the solar panel at the highest point of the metal roofing and a slit is set between the bracket and the roof to ensure the firmness of the solar panel to the greatest extent.



solar photovoltaic panels


Although installing photovoltaic panels on a metal roofing has a higher return on investment than normal installation techniques, you will need to replace your roof with metal one, which will cost you a certain amount of money. So think carefully about whether you really need the panels before you make up your mind to install it. If you have any other questions, please consult Luxen Solar. We are familiar with this technology and can certainly answer your questions.

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