Is Bifacial Solar worth Further Research?

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It is difficult for the public to judge whether a new invention can lead a trend or bring considerable economic benefits when it enters the market. Therefore, many companies will be hesitant in this new field before the accurate data can be used to analyze these problems. But as long as there is clear evidence to prove the value of this technology, people will rush to study and use it.

Reasons Why Bifacial Solar Needs to Be Studied in Depth

As a new technology enters the market recently, bifacial solar panels is questioned by many solar developers and stakeholders in the early stage. Although laboratories have strict environmental controls for bifacial solar panels development, in real life, the environment change momentarily Based on this problem, Luxen spent a lot of time collecting the performance of bifacial solar in different seasons and has obtained a batch of reliable data.


In recent years, many renewable energy laboratories and solar developers in the United States and Europe have also tested bifacial solar. The results show that the use of bifacial solar energy is very effective in increasing annual revenue and energy production.


Therefore, the bifacial photovoltaic module system has accumulated a huge data repository in the past two years, and the results are as good as expected. So this technology is worthy of further study.

The Significance of Bifacial Solar Research

From a financier's perspective, bifacial solar energy has its significance. Photovoltaic systems using bifacial panels can generate more power without reconfiguration of the solar panels.

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The bifacial solar module also has a lot of geographical flexibility. Bifacial photovoltaic modules can generate more than twice the energy of mono photovoltaic modules when using the same number of trackers on the same size of ground. If you only need to produce the same amount of energy as a mono photovoltaic module, the number of trackers used will be reduced accordingly.

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These new findings point out the future research direction for financiers and make them update the return on investment. Traditional PV modules only have a 25-year warranty, while the bifacial PV module extends this warranty to 30 years. In this period, the bifacial module can not only generate 30% more energy, but also reduce the energy cost by nearly 20%. So return on investment has been greatly improved.

As a leading solar energy manufacturer in China, Luxen Solar has always been the first choice for solar energy developers and financiers. Our technology will become more and more sophisticated in the process of in-depth study of bifacial solar. We can assure you that increased energy output can generate significant economic benefits for solar project developers, financial institutions and utility companies.

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