Installation Points of Solar Photovoltaic System

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With the rapid development of society, the demand for energy is also increasing. However, traditional obtaining methods of energy such as thermal power and hydropower will bring about a series of environmental problems, which seriously affect human life. Increasing the development and utilization of renewable energy is the focus of energy development now. Solar energy is one of the key directions of renewable energy development. By far solar power generation has formed two basic power generation technologies called solar photovoltaic and solar thermal. The key to the application of solar energy technology is to solve the independent operation and the on-grid operation of solar equipment.



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1. Site Selection of Solar Photovoltaic Station

Solar photovoltaic stations are distributed all over the world. We need to pay enough attention to select the location of solar photovoltaic station. We should consider the lighting conditions to ensure that there is enough sunlight on the solar panels. Normally, the sites are selected in areas where the terrain is flat and not prone to natural disasters. Moreover, large trees or buildings should be avoided as far as possible, as it may shield the solar photovoltaic station and affect the illumination of the solar photovoltaic panels.



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2. Installation of Independent Solar Photovoltaic System

(1) The tilt angle of the independent solar photovoltaic system array needs to meet the design requirements.

(2) The fixed part of the independent solar photovoltaic system frame should be as flat as possible to avoid damage to the cells.

(3) The fixed part of independent solar photovoltaic system rack should be equipped with anti-loose gasket to improve the reliability of its connection.

(4) The tracking device should be checked regularly to ensure its solar performance.

(5) When installing solar modules, it is necessary to measure and check the parameters of each module to ensure that its parameters meet the requirements for us.

(6) Solar modules with similar working parameters need to be installed in the same square array to improve the power generation efficiency of the solar system array.

(7) Avoid bumps during installation to prevent damage to solar panels.

(8) If the solar panel is not closely matched with the fixed frame, it needs to be leveled with iron sheets to improve the tightness of the connection.



3. Do Lightning Protection

When installing the solar photovoltaic system, we should pay attention to lightning protection and grounding measures. The grounding cable of the lightning rod should be kept at a certain distance from the solar photovoltaic system support. A lightning rod or a lightning wire can be installed to protect the safety of the solar photovoltaic system.


solar panels

Solar photovoltaic is a kind of power generation technology with wide application prospect. With the improvement of science and technology, solar photovoltaic power technology has made great progress. In recent years, as countries have increased investment in solar photovoltaic power, we firmly believe that solar photovoltaic in various countries will continue to show explosive growth.

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