How to Prevent the Solar System From Being Affected by Trees and Shadows?

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If your roof is shaded by trees or obstacles, your solar panels may not work perfectly. Proper shading is an important design consideration in a solar PV system. But if your house has continuous shadow blocking, it usually leads to mass production changes of solar panels. 


One of the simplest solutions to ensure that trees and shadows do not affect your solar system is to remove everything on the roof that might block the solar power system.


Many professional solar panel installers use a sensor to check how much shadow your solar installation area usually has. This will make it easier for you to determine whether you need to adjust your solar panels. If you are considering installing solar panels, be sure to carefully check the shadow coverage around your house, which will greatly affect the power generation efficiency of your solar system.


If you want to solve this problem thoroughly, we are here to provide you with several precise analysis methods, hoping to help you understand your needs more accurately.


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1. Daylight Mirror Shadow Analysis

The daylight mirror is a very precise device, which can help us accurately describe the characteristics of the solar system. 


The installers will input your exact house features in this device, including roof height, roof spacing, array azimuth and equipment specifications. Moreover, they will add local weather patterns over the past 10 years to accurately assess the future power output of the solar system.



2. Daylight Pathfinder Analysis

After analyzing the characteristics of the solar system, the installers will use the daylight pathfinder to analyze the precise shading outline. The pathfinder can analyze all trees and other obstacles. That means the solar pathfinder will draw the places that may be blocked on the roof and finally form a track figure. This track will be entered into proprietary software along with other system details and an estimate of solar system production will be generated.


If the result of the daylight mirror is consistent with the estimated value of solar Pathfinder, the preliminary planning work is completed. The installers will proceed to the detailed system design.



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3. Aurora Solar Analysis

These two analysis methods can actually help you to analyze the characteristics of your solar system. Under the continuous research of experts, the aurora solar analysis method came into being. It can create the most valuable shadow analysis results. However, due to the higher cost of aurora solar, only public utilities and large-scale company solar system installations will use this method.



After we have determined all the characteristics required by the rooftop solar system and analyzed the shadow-causing objects as much as possible, our experts will design an accurate solar photovoltaic array for you to minimize the impact of shadows.

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