How to Prevent Cracks in Solar Panels?

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With the increasing popularity of solar panels all over the world, more and more householders believe that solar photovoltaic system can bring them great benefits. But these householders who are interested in installing solar panels have found a problem: since solar panels need to be transported to their homes in trucks, there is a high probability that the panels will crack slightly during the whole process.


In order to understand this problem, many solar panel manufacturers cooperate with authoritative laboratories to conduct various tests on each solar panel to confirm whether the panel is reliable under various pressures. But these tests can only help people determine the impact of cracks on solar panels. If you want to explore the causes of the cracks, this article will give you the answers.

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1. Which Processes will Produce Cracks?

Cracks in the production process are usually caused by inexperienced operators and improper adjustments of production equipment, which can be remedied by improving the flow of production.


The cracks caused by transportation and handling occurred after the solar cell modules were packaged and shipped out of the production base. Incorrect shipping methods and handling errors can cause cracks, but it can be alleviated by redesigning the product packaging with additional protection and fillers.


In the wild, the most common types of cracks are caused by long-term wind pressure and heavy snow. The solution to field defects is to strengthen the solar cell structure.



2. Specific Resolution Steps

In the solar cell module production, improper adjustment of wire drawing machine or manual welding joint may exert excessive force during welding and cause cracks around. After the lamination process, these cracks will intensify because the pressure and thermal expansion from the lamination will cause the cracks to lengthen and widen.

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If the broken solar panels pass the quality management system and are successfully installed in the solar energy system, they will become the weakest link in the solar array, which will seriously affect the power output of the solar panels. In other words, the best way to reduce the cracks generated in the production process is to use automatic welding equipment with experienced engineers.


In order to improve the stacking capacity of solar cell modules in the warehouse, the company tends to use vertical packaging modules in the wooden pallets. Further cost cutting measures have led to thinner cartons, so fully packaged solar panels are needed to help support the pallets in the upper deck. These improperly designed packages may not be able to cope with the severe vibrations exhibited during transoceanic travel, and the solar modules in the lower pallet can break under the weight of the upper pallet. A reinforced packaging design must be used to carry the weight of all upper decks. At the same time, solar manufacturers have to ensure that no pressure is applied to the solar panels during transportation



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All in all, cracks that occur during production or transportation require different remedial measures. The essence of these measures is to prevent the solar panels from being squeezed by pressure.

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