How to Optimize the Problems In the Process of Solar Panel Installation?

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With the continuous expansion of the world energy crisis, the development and utilization of renewable energy has become a very important way for human beings in the future. Of all the renewable energy resources discovered so far, solar energy is definitely the most efficient one. Therefore, as the one of the most effective form of solar power generation, solar panels are popular with the public and almost become a social trend.


Although the solar conversion efficiency cannot be effectively improved now, the process of solar panel installation can be optimized. So How to optimize or solve the problems in this process? Here's what we need to know.


solar panel installation

What will Affect the Installation?

Before specifying the optimization scheme of solar panel installation, we can analyze the factors affecting the light penetration in the process of solar panel installation.


One is the way the panels rotate and the utilization of solar energy. It is proved by various examples that when the sunlight is when the solar light is opposite to the panel, the panel can absorb the most solar energy and maximize the use of sunlight, fully converting the solar power into electrical energy.


solar panel installation

The other aspect is the relationship between the sun angle and the panel rotation angle. The angle of the solar panel can affect the intensity of concentrated light. Because solar panels use photoelectric effect to generate electricity, the amount of light can affect the solar power generation.



How to Optimize Problems during Installation

You should first understand the solar radiation and meteorological data of our region in detail. Then you'd better find out the average solar radiation of every month and adjust the light input intensity of the solar panel according to the lowest and highest solar radiation. After understanding these situations, you will be able to better know the solar energy in your area so as to make more effective use of solar panels, converting more of the solar energy into electricity and increasing the efficiency of solar energy.


solar panel installation

In addition, a problem that cannot be ignored is that the peak time of solar radiation in all directions is not the samein because of different seasons and different times. So we should pay attention to the  incidence of sunlight in summer and winter, so as to adjust the installation. At the same time, the installation of solar panels should avoid tall buildings as far as possible in order to make more efficient use of space and prevent the solar rays from being blocked. After paying attention to these two problems, the installation process of solar panels will be greatly optimized.



As a kind of clean energy, solar energy is more and more popular all over the world. There are still many deeper problems in the solar panel installation. If you want to know more about solar panels, you can contact Luxen Solar. As a solar power system supplier, We will provide you with the most professional consultancy and products.

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