How to Maintain Solar Energy Panels?

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In recent years, more and more families have installed solar panel systems. Solar panels normally come with a 25-year warranty, but the warranty services of solar companies are mainly aimed at some large problems. So most of the routine maintenance of solar panels is completed by the owners.


Almost all solar power system owners have a common question: how to maintain the solar panels to ensure their long-term high efficiency? The following points are daily maintenance work of solar panels, which can help you avoid detours.



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1. Clean the Solar Panels Regularly

Solar panels are made of toughened glass which don't need much attention. But weather conditions are one of the factors that affect the life of solar panels. If you live in an area that often rains or snows in winter, these two things can easily cause the aging of solar panels. So you need to clean the solar panels regularly to make sure that there is no accumulation or dust on the panels.


Solar energy panels need to be cleaned with a soft brush. The best cleaning time is in the morning or evening, because the temperature in these two times are the lowest of the day. Low temperature can make toughened glass cool, so as not to damage glass when cleaning with cold water. When you are ready to clean them, be sure to turn off the solar panel and cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock.



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2. Monitor Solar Panels Continuously

Using a solar monitoring system allows you to track all kinds of data about the solar panels at any time. The monitoring system will immediately report the system failure or damage to you.



Once there is something wrong with the solar panel, you can find someone to repair it as soon as possible. So the performance of the solar panel will not be greatly affected.


3. Arrange Annual Inspection

Scheduling an annual inspection of your solar system is a great way to prevent excessive aging of the solar panels. When you purchase a solar panel, your solar energy supplier will provide you with such a annual inspection service. Technicians will inspect the entire solar panel system and fix some problems for you.




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4. Avoid Shades

Shading is one of the things you already avoid when you do a proper site analysis during pre-installation. Once the panels have been mounted, you need to ensure that shades will not come up such as new towering trees, as this will decrease the amount of energy. You do not have to cut down trees but you can trim them to ensure the panels are not shaded.



All of the above are ways to help you maintain your solar panels correctly. If you find it a hassle to clean up, ask your solar energy supplier to provide you with reasonable solar maintenance services. If you purchase the products of Luxen Solar Company, we can guarantee you the most considerate maintenance services.

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