How to Determine the Number of Panels?

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Are you considering installing a household solar photovoltaic system? Are you wondering how many solar panels your solar system needs? In fact, in order to solve these problems, you must first know what your goals are. Most household solar system users hope to save electricity and minimize environmental pollution in this way.


If you are installing a solar system based on the above ideas, then the following factors should be considered.



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1. How Much Electricity do You Usually Consume?

Now that you're installing a solar system to save electricity, you need to determine your average energy needs. You can estimate how much electricity you need from your electricity bill in the last year. If you want more accurate data, we recommend that you calculate the number of solar panels by multiplying the household's hourly energy demand by the peak hours of sunshine in your area and dividing by the number of watts of the panel.



2. Factors Influencing the Output Efficiency of Solar Panels

The quality of solar panels is critical to the operation of solar systems. The wattage range of the most commonly used solar photovoltaic panels in residential installations is approximately 150 to 370 watts. The specific wattage depends mainly on the size and efficiency of the solar panel, that is, the ability to convert sunlight into electricity.


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Through some researches, we found that solar panels without grid lines on the surface absorb more sunlight than traditional solar panels and will not suffer from problems such as delamination. The structure of this solar panel is very strong. Compared with a large inverter installed on the side of the house, the micro inverter on each panel can optimize the energy conversion of the power supply.


Due to the huge differences in quality and efficiency of various solar panels, we cannot immediately determine which solar panel is suitable for you. So when you make your choice, keep in mind that the more efficient the solar panels are, the more watts they produce, and the less roof area you need to get the same energy output. By comparison, all black solar panels without grid lines are the best for every home. As a professional manufacturer of black silicon solar panels, we firmly believe that we will provide you with the best products. You can consider consulting our professionals.



3. Factors Influencing the Size of Solar Panels

If your roof area is relatively small, then the size of the solar panel is your most important consideration. Under normal circumstances, we believe that using fewer small high-efficiency panels on such a roof may be the best way to obtain maximum power in the long term.



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After understanding all the above factors that may affect the choice of solar panels, we hope you can better realize your needs and get your perfect installation plan.

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