How to Deal With Solar Panels in Shadow?

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Most of the solar photovoltaic systems used in families and enterprises are composed of solar panels and inverters. Solar panels are used to absorb sunlight and convert it into direct current, while inverters can convert direct current into alternating current for home and business use.


There are usually about 30 solar panels in a small solar energy system. You can think of these panels which are connected together as a river, and solar energy is the flow of the river. If there are big stones in the river, the speed of the water will slow down or even fail to flow. Therefore, even a small area of shadow will have a negative impact on the whole solar energy system.


If your solar photovoltaic system is already in the shadow, then the following strategies for dealing with shadow solar panels are worth your careful reading.


1. Choose Efficient Panels to Deal with Unavoidable Shadows

Maybe you can avoid your rooftop solar energy system from being covered by conventional shadows as much as possible, but there is one kind of shadow you can't escape: the cloud. The continuous movement of clouds in the sky also affects the efficiency of the solar energy system to a certain extent.


To alleviate this problem, you can choose amorphous silicon solar panels or all-black solar panels, which handle shadows better than crystalline silicon solar panels. You can directly contact Luxen, because we specialize in producing high-efficiency all-black solar panels.



2. Choose a New Type of String Inverter

With the improvement of the quality requirements of inverters, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) has become the standard technology in most high-quality inverters. Usually, the inverter equipped with MPPT can make itself in the best range of power conversion by adjusting the voltage. Therefore, it can convert as much energy as possible from the solar panel when it is blocked by shadow. In other words, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) can help the inverter to minimize the energy loss caused by shadow.



solar panels

3. Installation of Micro Inverter

If your solar panels are only partially blocked by shadows, installing a micro inverter can help you solve this problem. The biggest advantage of this equipment is that it eliminates the need for strings of solar panels. In short, the micro inverter allows each solar panel in the solar photovoltaic system to operate independently, that is, each solar panel can separately be connected to an inverter. According to this connection method, even if a certain solar panel efficiency changes, the other parts will not be affected.



The above suggestions can help you quickly find a solution to the shadow problem on the solar panels. If you have any other questions about solar energy, you can contact us at any time.

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