How to Clean Solar Power Panels?

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As a kind of clean energy, solar power is rapidly popularized in the world. More and more families have installed solar photovoltaic systems and g from tem. Although most solar power panels come with a 25-year warranty, solar suppliers' warranties are generally for major damage or failure problems. Most of the daily maintenance of solar panels is completed by the homeowners. So how to do maintenance properly becomes a hot topic. We will focus on some cleaning methods next.



 solar power panels

1.Regular Inspection

Solar panels are usually tiled or tilted over the rooftop. So the maintenance costs of solar panels are fairly low as seasonal rain and snow can wash away most of the debris. Even if there's bird droppings or other things that can't be washed off easily, you don't need to clean them every day. The accumulation in a short period won't have much effect on the solar panel efficiency. So homeowners only need to inspect and clean the solar panels regularly to make sure that the panels are efficient.




2. Seek Professional Cleaning Services

If you decide to completely clean up your solar panels, you can choose to hire a professional solar company. Many solar companies will provide this service for you, but you have to pay for it. In fact, the money you pay for this cleaning service may never get the same return from your solar power system. In other words, finding a professional solar company to clean up solar panels is a business designed for people who are lazy but have good economic conditions.



solar power panels

3. Purchase Appropriate Cleaning Tools

If you don't think it's cost-effective to ask a solar company to clean it up for you, try to do it by yourself. But before you get started, make sure you buy the right solar panel cleaning equipmentsor your solar power panels will be damaged.


The most effective way to clean solar panels is using a hose and a bucket of soapy water. Cleaning solar panels by flushing can avoid scratching the panel to the greatest extent. Soapy water should not be adulterated with washing powder or other strong chemicals which are likely to react negatively with solar panels.


Remember not clean solar power panels with any type of high-pressure sprayer. If you have some dirt on your solar panels that can't be washed off directly with soapy water, wipe it with a sponge.



solar power panels

4. Choose the Right Weather

The temperature of solar panels is very high in most cases. If you want to clean the panel, choose a cool and overcast day. This will not only prevent the panels from cracking when hit by cold water, but also protect you from getting burned. If you try to clean solar panels at high temperatures, the soapy water will quickly evaporate on the panels, leaving it covered in stains and affecting absorption efficiency.



These are all very easy cleaning techniques. If you have a good economic condition, you can directly ask the solar energy company to help you complete this work. If you enjoy doing it by yourself, get everything ready before you actually start it. As long as you have any questions about solar panels, contact Luxen Solar company at any time. We can provide you with all kinds of solar energy services.

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