How to Choose the Size of Solar Systems?

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In recent years, solar energy system plays an increasingly important role in home life. For householders, installing solar energy systems is definitely an energy-saving and economical way. The newest solar panels and photovoltaic modules are easy to install and maintain, making them the most used solar system by far.


The direct purpose of installing solar energy systems is to save electric charge, so the size of the solar energy system must be selected correctly. If you choose the wrong size, you won't save energy and it will even put a heavier financial burden on your home, since installing a solar system is a little expensive. In order to guide you to correctly select it, we have listed the following steps.



1. Calculate Your Energy Use

First, check the peak and trough of electricity from the annual electricity bill. The peak of energy consumption is usually in summer and winter. Then calculate the average monthly electricity consumption. Based on these three numerical values, you can roughly calculate the size of the solar system you need. If you want to get the most accurate data, you can calculate the daily electricity consumption and then divide it by the sunshine hours to know the number of solar power panels required in your solar system.



How to Choose the Size of Solar Systems?

2. Select Installation Location

Another way to accurately estimate the size of a solar system is to choose the right installation site. In general, the most cost-effective installation site is the rooftop. Installing solar energy on the rooftop can absorb as much sunlight as possible. In this case, the number of solar panels required in the system will be reduced, and the system size will be correspondingly smaller. But remember: a sloping rooftop is not suitable for installation, as it will make the solar power panels and inverters too close to decrease the cost.


If your rooftop is no longer suitable for solar panels, consider the ground. As long as your ground is flat and uncovered, they can still absorb enough solar energy.



How to Choose the Size of Solar Systems?

3. Choose High Quality Panels

We recommend that you choose imported solar panels. You can get more 10% than normal ones for just a little more money.


Determining the size of the solar system is not an easy task. But in such a popular era of solar energy installation, it is very worthwhile to spend more time to create a greater degree of enjoyment for yourself. If you have any other questions about the size after the above steps, please contact Luxen Solar. We not only have professional consulting services, but also show you all kinds of high-quality solar module products. Looking forward to your presence.

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