How to Choose a Solar Installer?

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As one of the most important clean energy, solar energy is favored by more and more customers. There is a strong recognition that installing solar energy can not only reduce your electricity bill but also protect the environment. However, The trend has also led to some doubts about solar enegy installations. Many customers who are not so familiar with solar energy may ask: If I want to install solar energy in my home, how should I choose a solar installer? What are the characteristics of a proper installer? So let's offer some solid advice around these issues.



solar enegy installations

1.Are Solar Suppliers Qualified?

Although there are many solar companies, their service scope is different. Some solar companies are responsible for the production and development of solar panels, some are only in charge of the sales and solar panels installation. And of course, there are also one-stop service companies.


After you get the basic information of the company, you need to take the next step. How many solar units has the company installed so far? Does the company know about local solar policy? Are all the installers in the company certified? All of the above questions will help you solve your doubts.


With the answers to these questions, you'll have a clearer idea of how to choose a solar installer. As a professional solar energy company, Luxen Solar provide you with the best quality solar modules. What’s more, our distributors have been strictly trained by the company to ensure the standard installation procedures. So when choosing a solar installer, you should consider the company's scope of service.


2. Are You Free to Choose the Way of Purchase?

Another way to determine which solar installers are right is to weigh the purchase options offered by the company. Everyone knows that installing solar power is not very cheap, so companies normally offer three ways to buy it: full purchase, loan or lease. Before you know exactly how much solar power will benefit you, think hard about how you can get it.



solar enegy installations

3. Is the Installation Process Monitored?

A typical solar installation takes one to two days. But there is still a lot of preparation to be done before the formal installation, including application for permission and roof survey. If you choose a reliable solar company, he will be responsible for all the work and all the process will be reported to you in time.



If the installation process is monitored throughout, the standardization of the installation can be ensured to the greatest extent, and the installer will be more strict.


solar enegy installations

Choosing a right solar installer is an important decision. If you make the wrong choice, you won't have a perfect solar system. It may not meet your daily needs, help you achieve the direct purpose of saving  electricity bill, or even require constant adjustment and repair. In order to prevent this kind of thing from happening, please contact Luxen Solar company. Our service is sure to satisfy you!


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