Does Bigger Solar Panels Make better Efficiency?

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Most solar energy system users have a question when installing solar panels: can I get the most efficiency by covering my rooftop with solar panels? In other words, does the size of the solar panel determine the benefits of the solar energy system?


Just like light bulbs or batteries, the size of solar panels is measured in watts. Therefore, it is easy for people to assume that the larger the physical size of the solar panel, the higher the wattage. But this is not always the case.


As solar power technology continues to improve, smaller solar panels can generate more power than that of larger panels. This means that you may have a system composed of smaller solar panels, and the productivity of the solar energy system may be more effective than normal-sized solar panels.



Advantages of Small Size Solar Panels

The increased efficiency of solar panels makes the technology more attractive to homeowners. In the past when solar technology was relatively backward, solar panels were less efficient. Therefore, if people want to get enough solar energy to reduce or eliminate the electricity bill from utility companies, they need to use larger solar panels. However, many homeowners cannot accommodate these inefficient large solar panels due to lack of roof space. As a result, the number of solar photovoltaic systems installed has been relatively low.

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Now, with the significant increase of solar panels’ efficiency, the size of solar panels is getting smaller and smaller. Since the current solar technology can make the efficiency more concentrated, there is no need using large solar panels to store solar energy. With this significant advantage, homeowners can not only reduce the number of solar panels purchased, but also prevent their rooftops from being completely covered and ultimately get a higher return on investment.


The additional roof space also allows homeowners to choose whether to install other facilities to offset additional energy costs such as swimming pools or electric cars.


For those householders who pay great attention to aesthetics, having a smaller and more distributed solar photovoltaic system is very attractive. With the increasing productivity of small solar energy systems, they can be installed in more concealed locations that others cannot see at a glance. Such small solar panels can better match their roofs and increase ornamental value.


solar panels

On the other hand, one factor that determines the efficiency of a solar panel is the amount of light that makes it a solar cell material. The surface of the solar panel needs electrode contact to complete the circuit and cut off the power. These electrodes prevent sunlight from reaching the absorbing material. Unfortunately, you can't just place small electrodes on the edge of the solar panel, or you will lose too much electricity to resist the resistance in the solar cell material. This means that if you have a large solar panel, you will need to install electrodes on the entire surface to block light. On the contrary, if your solar panel size is small, then you need a smaller percentage of the electrodes, which can save a lot of money when installing these electrodes.

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