Do I Need a Lot of Solar Panels for My Solar Energy System?

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With the vigorous development of the solar energy industry, many people begin to consider the installation of household solar energy system. But a considerable number of people don't know what size of solar energy system is best for their house. In fact, the key to sizing a solar system is to know how many solar panels you should buy. Most people want the solar system to generate enough power to offset the electricity bill, so you have to figure out how many kilowatt hours you need and ultimately match it to the right number of panels.


household solar energy system 

The following questions are the main directions for judging the number of solar panels. If you can think about these issues and make an assessment, then you can know how many panels you need.


1. The Estimated Power Generation of Solar Panels

Most grid companies will show your total electricity consumption in the last 12 months on your monthly bill. You can use this bill to figure out how many kilowatt hours you will consume in a year. For example, if you have ten 50 Watt lights in your home, you may consume 1 kilowatt hour of electricity if you turn on 10 lights at the same time.


According to this method, you can directly calculate your total energy consumption through the number of appliances in your house, and the result is often more accurate.



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2. Average Power Produced by Solar Panels

The amount of power generated by a solar system depends on how much sunlight the roof can absorb. Each area has different direct solar radiation, which means that your solar system size is evaluated based on the actual geography.


California and New York, two areas of similar size, have very different sizes of solar energy systems. Typically, California households need only a 7-kilowatt system to meet all of their energy consumption, while New York homes need an 8-kilowatt solar system to achieve the same effect. Surprisingly, California's solar panels are smaller than those in New York. Why? This is because California absorbs far more sunlight each year than New York.


Therefore, if you are also in a place with less sunlight, you need to use more efficient solar panels or increase the number of solar panels to achieve the ideal power generation efficiency.


household solar energy system 

3. Tips for Choosing Solar Panels

First, you'd better thoroughly review and evaluate solar companies in your area before buying solar panel. Comparing solar panels provided by different companies can avoid paying excessively high prices as much as possible. Usually getting 5 or more quotations can save nearly 10% of solar panel installation costs.


Second, you need to remember that not the bigger the solar company is, the better the price is offered. These high-profile solar companies often have to pay a lot of advertising fees, so their solar panel prices will rise. According to some statistics, the panel price of large-scale solar system installers is higher than that of small-scale installers by more than 5%.



So don't buy the panels immediately when figuring out how many solar panels you need. Carefully compare the prices of various solar panels and find out the type with the highest cost performance so that you can get the highest return on investment.

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