High Efficiency Solar Panel Manufacturer
LUXEN is a world-class manufacturer of high efficiency solar modules, focusing on the innovation of solar module technologies and providing the best LCOE (Levelized Cost Energy) solar products to the customers worldwide.

Being recognized as an emerging international solar brand, LUXEN adheres to the corporate philosophy of delivering reliability and values to the customers. Through its international network with the global presence of its solar modules in more than 60 countries, LUXEN is your ideal partner for reliable solar energy.
A Global Partner You Can Rely On
Production Capacity 
2.2GW per year 
2 Industry 4.0 intelligent Production Bases
5 Branches Worldwide(Germany, Spain, Japan, China,  India)
1 Millions of Families Powered by LUXEN SOLAR Modules
Number of Employees   Approx. 
500 persons
50+ Patents of 
Solar Technologies
Products Delivered till the end of  2020  3GW
60+ Countries with LUXEN SOLAR Module Installations
Milestone of LUXEN Solar
 2021         LUXEN 3rd phase 182/210 production line is finished in Nantong, China with total capacity exceeded 2.2GW.
 2020         Setting up 2nd production facility in Nantong, China with total capacity exceeded 1.5GW.
 2019          Around 2GW high efficiency solar modules shipped worldwide
 2017         Production lines upgraded to Industry 4.0 with total capacity of 500MW
 2011           Setting up 1st production facility in Suzhou, China
 2005        Established in Spain, Europe to start the PV business





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