Can You Use Solar Panels during Power Outages?

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Most people install solar panels to save on electricity and energy consumption. Most solar users today choose solar photovoltaic systems that are connected to the grid, which means that unless you have a battery-powered solar system, you won't use electricity when the grid goes down. So we don't have a clear answer to the question of whether solar panels will work during a outages. But here are two ways to make your solar PV system available at any time. I hope you will read the following carefully and make the best choice in the end.


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1. Off-grid Solar Energy

When many users consider installing solar panels in their houses, their main motivation is to live independently from the power company, so they cannot pay any electricity bills. Therefore, off-grid solar is their first choice, because they will never receive any bills from the power company with it. This is particularly useful in remote areas, because installing traditional power poles in remote areas requires a lot of investment and labor. By installing an off-grid solar system, everyone does not have to worry about whether the power company can extend the transmission range of the grid to their residence. 


On the other hand, people will give priority to this approach in order to simplify living expenses. This method also eliminates the problem of low power distribution efficiency and makes users not responsible for the power company and its own environmental footprint.


However, if you want to get power on days when there is no direct sunlight on the solar panels, you must install a plug-in battery when the solar energy is exhausted. For some people, batteries are expensive to replace and are not particularly environmentally friendly because many batteries carry lead acids and bases.



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2. Grid-tied Solar Energy

If you install a grid-tied solar system, you will not be able to use it during a power outage. The outage means a problem with the line, so utility workers will repair the line and restore circuit operation in the area. In order to protect the public utilities and the power grid itself, all grid-tied solar inverters are required to turn off automatically when the grid is turned off.



3. A More Economical Way

For those who want to save money through solar panels, grid-tied systems are often a better option. As long as you install an extra solar energy storage system, you can still get backup power even if the grid is off. In addition, the energy storage system does not need as many batteries as the off-grid solar system, so the cost is relatively low.

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If you don't even want to buy a backup power supply, there's an easier way. You can keep your home or business running as long as you spend a few hundred dollars to get a spare generator. Unfortunately, this kind of generator usually uses fossil fuel, so it has great damage to the environment.



The above information is to guide you to make the right choice of solar system. If you have any other questions, we will answer them at any time.

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