Can Solar Photovoltaic Technology Be Applied to Highways?

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As a kind of renewable clean energy, solar energy has the irreplaceable importance of other fossil energy sources. In order to further integrate energy saving and emission reduction with road transportation, it has become the consensus of the country and the whole society to promote the application of solar photovoltaic technology in the transportation field. Based on the investigation and analysis of the use of photovoltaic in highway tunnels and interchange areas, solar photovoltaic generation technology is an important technical means and beneficial exploration to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


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1. Advantages of Solar Photovoltaic Generation Technology

At present, the electromechanical system of the highway is still the traditional power supply method. It needs to set up power distribution facilities in the power consumption center to transmit electric energy through cables, and then the transformer will convert the medium voltage from the substation into low voltage electricity, and finally pass the power distribution cabinet to the power equipment of the highway.


The toll system on the highway is generally built in toll stations or toll management sub-centers, which can form a concentrated power load. In this case, it is more suitable to adopt traditional power supply methods. However, for those devices scattered along both sides of the road, due to the long distance, it causes serious power loss and high cost power supply.


Combined with solar photovoltaic off-grid and on-grid generation technology, we can effectively improve the power shortage in remote areas, tunnels, and service areas. Installing solar photovoltaic systems on the user side can greatly reduce the load on the grid during peak hours and ensure the stable operation of the grid convoy.


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2. Issues Needing Attention in the Solar Photovoltaic Technology

In fact, the shelter has a certain impact on the photovoltaic system, and it will produce hot spot effect under certain circumstances. When one or several solar cell modules are covered by the shelter, the covered solar modules will be used as loads to consume the energy generated by other solar modules. The shielded solar cell module will heat at this time, and even seriously damage the whole solar cell.


In order to prevent the solar cell from being damaged due to the hot spot effect, it is better to parallel a bypass diode between the positive and negative poles of the solar cell module, so as to avoid the energy consumption by the shielded module.

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Dust also has a certain impact on the system. Generally, the components of the solar system are installed with a certain inclination angle, so the dust is not easy to scale on the surface. However, when there is no rain for a long time and the power generation is significantly reduced, it is necessary to clean in time, so as to improve the power generation efficiency of the solar system.



Solar energy is abundant and has great development potential. Therefore, the promotion of distributed solar energy systems on highways not only makes investment benefits, but also greatly improves the power consumption of highway facilities and increase energy conservation and emission reduction.

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