Can Solar Air Conditioning Become True?

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solar air conditioners

Since the 21st century, the prices of gas, electricity and oil continue to rise, making the energy crisis increasingly severe. In order to alleviate the energy shortage, people have gradually turned their attention to renewable energy. Among the renewable energy sources, solar energy is undoubtedly the most intriguing one.


At the same time, with the development of people's living standards, the demand for air conditioners is increasing. The energy consumption of air-conditioning in general civil buildings has accounted for more than 50% of the total energy consumption, putting great pressure on energy and the environment.


The development of various non-renewable energy sources is accompanied by environmental problems such as exhaust emissions, greenhouse effect and acid rain. The refrigerant of air conditioners can also damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere, directly threatening all kinds of life on earth. Therefore, the application of solar photovoltaic cells to air conditioners has always been a hot research topic. As a new, clean and low-energy air-conditioning system, solar air-conditioning has been widely used at home and abroad.



2. Development Status of Solar Air Conditioning

The reason for the low efficiency of solar air conditioners in cities is not that urban residents don't like this green and clean solar energy facilities, but because it is not convenient to install solar energy devices. Due to the special structure of urban high-rise residential buildings, residents can only install solar energy facilities on the roof.


From this point of view, the market for solar air conditioners still has great potential. As long as there is a solar air conditioner system that is particularly suitable for high-rise installation and has a more optimized cost performance, we believe that many residents will be willing to pay for it.



solar air conditioners

2. Research Direction of Solar Air Conditioning

The practical system of solar air conditioning has proved that it is technically feasible and economically beneficial. The potential market is huge. Therefore, the application of solar panels in this industry should be industrialized. But to achieve the industrialization goal, both air-conditioning manufacturers and solar panel suppliers need to understand the computer design software for solar air-conditioning systems, produce unified supporting equipment and components, and perfectly combine the performance of solar photovoltaic modules with air-conditioning standards.


The technology currently adopted by the solar air conditioning system makes the larger size of the refrigerator due to cost and process reasons, so this solar air conditioning system is only suitable for central air conditioning and heating. However, the market has greater demand for small, household solar air conditioners. Therefore, while air conditioner manufacturers continue to develop small solar air conditioners, solar photovoltaic system manufacturers also need to study more portable and economical solar cell modules to adapt to the new air conditioning system.


solar air conditioners 

We believe that in the next few years, with the continuous rise of energy prices, the increasing global temperature and environmental protection requirements, solar energy facilities, especially solar air conditioning, will be more and more popular.

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