Basic Problems of Solar Panels

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With the general improvement of technical efficiency and manufacturing quality, the installation cost of solar panels continues to decline. Houseowners all over the world are beginning to regard solar photovoltaic systems as a viable alternative energy solution. Therefore, this paper will start from the solar panel itself to explain its working principle and application skills.



solar photovoltaic panels

1. Simple Principle of Solar Panels

The working principle of solar panels is very simple, which is generally divided into four steps. First, solar photovoltaic panels absorb sunlight and convert it into direct current. This current cannot be directly supplied to families or enterprises. Therefore, we need a solar inverter to convert the direct current to the alternating current which is used in most household appliances. When the alternating current is generated, it will flow into your house through "pipes" in the solar energy system to power electronic equipment. Finally, if your solar panels generate excess electricity, you can deliver it to the public grid for an extra payment.



2. Benefits of Grid-tied Solar Energy Systems

Although using solar panels to generate electricity has become the consensus of most people, many people still do not understand how the public grid affects the use of household solar systems. If you install a grid-tied solar system in your home, you will find that every house connected to the grid will be equipped with a utility meter. The solar supplier can use this meter to measure your daily consumption and provide you with sufficient electricity.

household solar system 

In the United States, the government allows solar system users to use net metering, which is actually a solar incentive measure that allows you to get a greater return on investment. If you use net metering, then you can send the remaining power in the solar panel to the grid in exchange for the credit on the electricity bill. These credits allow you to obtain electricity from the grid for free when the solar panels cannot provide enough electricity.


In a sense, net metering provides a free storage system for owners who use solar energy, thus making solar energy an efficient energy solution.



3. Avoid Buying Blindly

Before buying solar panels, you need to shop around. You can conduct a simple review of solar energy companies in your area to see which companies have qualified certifications and high-quality products. Many authoritative solar energy researches mention that consumers should compare as many solar energy options as possible to avoid paying the excessively high prices offered by large solar installers.


solar photovoltaic panels

Secondly, don't always believe that the bigger solar producers are more trustworthy. A recent report by the U.S. government found that large solar installers are priced between 2,000 and 5,000 dollars higher than small solar companies. In fact, this phenomenon is easy to understand. Large-scale solar companies need to do branding and spend a lot of money on advertising, so their costs are very high and the product prices are naturally more expensive. In other words, you don't need to be too obsessed with big brands. Some medium-sized solar companies can provide you with more economical solar panels.



In summary, solar panels are a very correct choice no matter from which point of view. If you also want to install solar panels, please come and consult us.

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