Are You Surprised at These Solar-powered Inventions?

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Energy is the cornerstone of modern society. Against the background of increasingly tight fossil energy supplies and serious global environmental problems, the development of clean energy and renewable energy has ushered in new opportunities. Large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy has become an important part of the energy strategy of various countries.


As an inexhaustible renewable energy source, solar energy has attracted the attention of various countries for its green, security, low-carbon and other characteristics.


So with the further study of solar energy, many new inventions relying on solar energy have emerged. Next we will discuss the challenges faced by traditional photovoltaic systems, as well as several new solar-power inventions derived from this situation.


Challenges Faced by Traditional Photovoltaic Modules

Solar panels are the key part of solar photovoltaic system, including mono crystal solar panels and portable solar panels. At present, solar photovoltaic panels are given high attention of various countries. But solar power technology still plays a negligible role in today’s energy field. The biggest hurdle for photovoltaic modules is that they are not cheap enough to compete on a large scale with fossil fuels. This is partly due to the complexity of the electricity supply, but more to the unsustainability of sunlight.


But it is under such a challenge that more and more practical solar -power inventions appear. They don't need a huge supply of solar power, but they make life and work much easier.



Solar-power Inventions that Revolutionize Life

Solar-powered Electronic Keyboard

(1) Solar-powered Electronic Keyboard

The design of the solar keyboard is not very different from the traditional ones. The only difference is that there are some solar panels on the top of the keyboard, which can absorb sunlight or some visible light. In other words, once the keyboard is in normal mode, there is little concern about its battery life.

Solar-power Intelligent Bag

(2) Solar-power Intelligent Bag

Solar-power bag is a kind of packbag that absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity through solar panels, and finally stores it in the built-in battery. The solar-power bag comes into people's life with the design concept of low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection. It helps people solve the practical problems of charging electronic products in real life and also becomes a must for outdoor enthusiasts and people who frequently travel on business.

Solar-power Generator

(3) Small Solar-power Generator

A solar-power generator is a device that generates electricity by direct sunlight on solar panels. It can replace part of the national grid energy with the excellent advantages such as pollution-free, high safety, and sustainable use.

(4) Fully Automatic Solar-power Louver

Solar-power louver is a kind of intelligent blind with solar panels. Every square meter of window can generate 100-150w power, which can supply 30 LED bulbs. You can save at least half of your electricity bill with this amazing invention. This solar-power louver is also equipped with inductive operating panels which can be controlled simply by waving in front of them.



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