An Intelligent Folding Solar Photovoltaic System

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This intelligent folding solar photovoltaic system is different from the existing solar power generation device. The system can resist the external adverse natural conditions, overcome the impact of weather and topography, reduce the allocation of management personnel and improve the level of intelligent management. Next, let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this device.



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The Perception of Rains

The purpose of adding a rain sensor to the device is to shrink the solar photovoltaic panel into the holding tank when it rains. This structure uses a raindrop sensor that can feed back two signals. It can transmit analog and digital signals to a single-chip microcomputer to make the data more accurate and detailed. The data can reflect all kinds of weather and it is also convenient for information collection and processing.


This rain sensor uses an anti-shake technology. We will first collect a set of data to calculate the volume, and then collect the data again at certain intervals to calculate another volume. Compare the two data to see whether the error is within the set range. If the data satisfy the error, the signal of the sensor is stable.


The Perception of the Snow

The purpose of adding a snow sensor is to allow the solar photovoltaic panel to shrink into the holding tank when it is snowing. The snow sensor is composed of a rain sensor and a heating resistance wire. The rain sensor is the same as the previous one. And a layer of thermal resistance wire is arranged on the surface of the sensor. When collecting the snow data, the heating resistance wire will work for a period of time. If there is snow on the surface, it will melt into water during this time, and the rain sensor will sense the water. In this way, we can turn this issue into the above problem of rain perception, which is more conducive to our data collection.



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Precise Control of PV Panel Shrinkage and Expansion 

We need to precisely control the entry and exit of photovoltaic panels in the holding tank. If some photovoltaic panels are left in the holding tank when the photovoltaic panel is stretched, the overall photovoltaic panel cannot be fully unfolded, which will reduce the generation efficiency.


On the contrary, if part of the photovoltaic panels is left outside the holding tank when the photovoltaic panels are shrunk, this part of the photovoltaic panels will be greatly damaged.



photovoltaic panels

This system can greatly protect the solar panels and extend their service life. It has wide applicability and low requirements for terrain. In addition, the power source used in this system is external power source, which means the whole system is not connected to the solar panel battery. If the system is connected to the solar cell, the whole system will be more coordinated through the real-time monitoring.

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