4 Tips to Help Residential Solar Installers Grow

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Apart from many large commercial solar panels, residential solar is also a significant part of the market. Although residential solar took a hit from shelter-in-place orders during Q2 2020, the sector remains incredibly resilient with plenty of opportunities available for small installers.


According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, residential installation fell by 23% during the outbreak. Sales and installation have been severely curtailed by the lockdown in various areas. But analysts remain optimistic that the solar market will remain vibrant over the next five years. As a result, small solar installers will need to use the tools they have at their disposal to keep a sharp eye on the market and further drive these expectations.

mono crystal solar panels

1. Expand Online Solar Sales

Under the current situation of epidemic blockade, the traditional offline sales mode has been severely impacted. In some areas, due to the limitation of social distance, these offline sales are actually impossible to achieve. In these uncertain times, online solar sales can be an important way to generate potential customers and close transactions. Common mono crystal solar panels, off grid solar systems, portable solar panels can become hot products for online sales.

It has been reported that while many solar installation companies have suffered from the bottleneck of offline sales, some have resorted to online sales. After moving all of its sales online, the branch has seen its highest order volume ever. While this doesn't necessarily apply to all installers, it shows that online sales have a lot to offer small residential solar installers. Virtual transaction can not only complete the deal during the blocking period, but also significantly reduce the acquisition cost of customers.



2. Amp up Digital Marketing

The development of network technology makes online transactions more and more frequent. At the same time, under the influence of the epidemic, people prefer to stay at home and complete all kinds of shopping online, even solar modules, photovoltaic modules and other large appliances. This is the perfect time to improve your digital marketing skills. There are many ways to attract these readers from blogs to social media. So with these social software and apps, you can analyze the data in detail and generate more solar leadership through various indicators.



traditional blue panels

3. Highlight the Aesthetics of Newer Modules

In most people's imagination, the solar panels are still the traditional blue panels with silver frames, but a lot of people hates this color combination. According to a recent MIT study, consumers prefer black solar panels. If the color of the panels matches the roof, the aesthetic effect will double. Consumers are willing to pay more for prettier solar panels


In addition to the color, Luxen’s all-black solar modules are almost similar to the rest of the module, and precisely meet the color mixture required by consumers. Installers can emphasize the aesthetics of these new modules to attract potential customers.

 new home-energy patterns

4. Lean into new home-energy patterns

The progress of science and technology has led to the change of life style and energy mode. Installers can use this opportunity to show consumers that rooftop solar panels can help offset the increased electricity bill. Once solar panels are used, consumers' energy consumption patterns will be greatly changed.


Are you looking for stylish, affordable, high-performance solar panels for your home? Contact a trusted solar expert. Luxen looks forward to your consultation.

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