What Is the Future of Solar Photovoltaic Industry?

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solar photovoltaic industry

The solar photovoltaic industry is experiencing cyclical turbulence and facing the greatest uncertainty and risk now. There are more than 750 solar PV companies worldwide. After this shock, almost all companies will suffer huge losses. Who on earth can master the weak advantage in this fierce competition depends on the enterprise's own development mode and internal ability.


For China's solar photovoltaic enterprises, they can only grasp the future trend by themselves because of the lack of experience. The reporter interviewed a number of CEOs and executives of solar photovoltaic enterprises. Most of them still hold a very positive attitude towards the prospects of the solar photovoltaic industry, and believe that the future solar photovoltaic industry mainly has the following three development trends.


Three Trends In Solar Energy

(1) The Acceleration of Commercialization

As the price of silicon wafer and silicon material drops sharply, the battery and photovoltaic module industry is in a relatively balanced state this year.


The global solar PV market is generally stable. While there has been a lot of bad news coming out of Europe recently, such as falling subsidies, there is no need to interpret this information in a negative attitude. Instead, we need to think about why this happened. The more market-based the industry is, the less subsidies there will be, which is actually a good thing. This indicates that the solar photovoltaic industry is starting to turn from government-driven to market-driven and the spring of the solar power market is approaching.


solar photovoltaic industry


(2) Brand and Management Are More Important

The influence of solar photovoltaic industry is expanding. Domestic production enterprises must pay attention to cost control, new product development and brand building. At the same time, we should deal with the trend of RMB devaluation. The pressure of production cost has depressed many productive industries and distributors.


For those enterprises that have established international brands, it is recommended that they should continue to maintain their reputation and increase investment in brands.


For solar energy enterprises, photovoltaic module products are too single, so the development of new products is really imminent. In conclusion, enterprises need to reduce the cost of production and management, and invest funds in brand and R & D.


(3) Increasingly Diversified Market

At present, the photovoltaic market largely depends on the stability of the policy. The future European market is uncertain. Relying on other countries to make up for it is our general estimate of the future European market.


The United States is also a big market, but now the components and parts have to be taxed. For Chinese solar photovoltaic enterprises, it is necessary to consider whether to invest in overseas factories to supply the demand of the American market or to give up the market directly. Most people will choose the former.


In this trend, Luxen Solar has been introducing new technologies and innovating solar panels. We deserve your trust.


solar photovoltaic industry

Emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East are just getting started, but they will become increasingly important.


The future of solar power generation is very bright. The reason why supply is larger than demand is that demand has not been mined out. One is that solar panels have not been integrated into the grid. Second, the solar energy industry is still relying on government support and has not realized the real commercialization.

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