Traps in Solar Panel Installation

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Nowadays, telephone fraud can be seen everywhere in our daily life, not to mention those spam messages and e-mails from time to time. In fact, fraud in the home decoration industry is also very rampant. Solar panel scams are almost everywhere. If you don't choose high-quality solar panels or reliable solar manufacturers, you are likely to lose money. Therefore, this article hopes to list various possible solar installation traps to help you avoid being cheated.


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1. Don't Sign an Agreement or Make a Guarantee Quickly

Solar panels are a very large investment. You need to spend a lot of time choosing solar panels and solar energy systems. Be sure to compare the panel prices of multiple solar companies and don't make a quick decision.


Beware of solar companies that want you to sign with them right away. Instead, look for companies that can provide you with resources to make the best decisions for your houses and needs. If you choose Luxen Solar, we will take time to train you on solar energy knowledge to ensure that you can make a clear choice.



2. Don't Believe in Discounts

More and more solar scammers will pretend to be representatives of the government or public utilities to offer you false discounts or returns. If the solar company tells you that you can get tax credits or other preferential policies from the government or utility company, ask them to show you the specific contract terms. Verbal agreements are always untrustworthy.


If there is a purchase discount, a legal solar company will clearly explain to you why you are eligible for this discount. Sometimes discounts and promotions do make you more profitable, but you must judge rationally.



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3. Don't Believe in Unrealistic Prices

A deception often used by many small solar companies is to provide prices that are not in line with reality. These companies will often run away after receiving your money. Even if they have completed the installation of the solar energy system, the solar materials must be of poor quality. In order to avoid this situation, you need to investigate the qualifications of each solar company and whether there are many positive reviews on their website.



4. Choose a Solar Company with Warranty Service 

Finding a solar company that provides a workmanship warranty and a product lifetime warranty can make you more confident to invest in solar energy. It is better to find a company that provides a workmanship warranty during the life of the product, which can guarantee that you have high-efficiency solar panels in the next few years.



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5. Reasonable Selection of Acquisition Methods 

At present, the two most popular ways to obtain solar energy system are lease and purchase. If you think the solar system is perfect for your house, but you don't have enough budget to buy it, renting is a better way for you. As with any other lease, you simply rent solar panels from the solar installation program to get enough power. But renting solar panels is not necessarily as good as you think. It doesn't give you ownership of the solar system and you won't get any tax incentives in the process.

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