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There is no doubt that the Tesla brand plays a pivotal role in the world. Four years ago, Tesla Solar has been in the solar market since its boss bought a solar firm four years ago. Unfortunately, the number of Tesla solar installations is not ideal.


At the same time, many users of household solar systems may ask: Tesla has so many different products, can its professional performance compare to those companies that specialize in producing solar panels? Should I choose a more professional solar manufacturer or a bigger brand with a better reputation?


In order to let you clearly understand how good solar panels a professional solar manufacturer can produce, we will compare Luxen solar panels and Tesla solar panels from several professional perspectives.



The Advantages of Luxen Solar Panels

(1) High Technical Level

Luxen solar panels are recognized as one of the most efficient solar panels on the market. The newly silicon crystalline solar panels in our company have increased the power generation efficiency to nearly 20%. Our solar panels are very durable and have a service life longer than all other panels, which means that our products can generate more electricity for users.


On the contrary, Tesla solar panels are not produced by the company itself. The company's current solar panels are provided by other companies. So Tesla does not have its own core technology for solar production.



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(2)Low Degradation Rate 

The power degradation rate of a solar panel is the rate at which a panel loses its production efficiency over time. 


There are two types of degradations. The special one is "light-induced degradation", which is not caused by the long-term use of the panes but is a chemical reaction that occurs when sunlight hits the panels for the first time. Most solar panels experience this degradation. However, Luxen solar panels make light-induced degradation virtually impossible due to its unique battery composition. So the Luxen panels are much more efficient than other solar panels.



(3) Fashionable Appearance 

Most solar panels are installed on the roof. So many homeowners are concerned about whether the solar panels match the roof color. If you are also thinking about this issue, you need to know that Luxen Solar is known for its sleek, stylish solar panels.


If you have carefully observed some solar panels, you will find that many panels have small white lines in the solar cells. This shape is usually outdated. However, the panels produced by Luxen are all black, which matches the roof color of most home.



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In summary, Luxen Solar produces professional solar panels with the lowest degradation rate, the most efficient power generation efficiency and the most stylish appearance. Although Tesla is very famous, its main direction is automobile manufacturing. We believe that you can make the most informed decision based on this information.

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