How to Reduce the Cost of Solar Energy for Your Company?

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solar photovoltaic systems

Although the commercial cost of solar power continues to decline, many companies are still looking for ways to reduce the enterprise energy cost generated by solar energy investment. Actually, when considering the return on investment of solar photovoltaic systems, many factors may make you achieve the purpose of reducing the cost.



1. Tax Credit for Solar Energy Systems

Many countries have very favorable tax policies for solar system installation. The tax credit in these countries is designed to promote the spread of solar photovoltaic systems by reducing the cost of installation. Although the tax credit has always existed, the nations have been slowly lowering the tax rate as the number of installed solar systems has increased. In other words, if you decide to install solar systems in your business, don't hesitate. The earlier you install solar panels, the more energy costs you can save in your business.



2. Input the Surplus Energy into the Grid


Some solar panels are powered entirely by solar off-grid systems, which means you have to use up all the energy converted from the solar panels, or you have to spend extra money to make storage space for the remaining energy. But if you combine a solar photovoltaic system with the public grid, the surplus electricity is automatically fed into the grid and priced at the normal rate.


This means that if your monthly electricity consumption on the public grid is less than the electricity delivered into the grid, then you will not only be able to use the remaining electricity freely, but also do not need to pay for it. This may be a very effective way to reduce the energy costs of your company.



solar photovoltaic panels

3. Analyze Electricity Cost Structure

Most companies need to pay two kinds of fees on their monthly electricity bills, one for actual use and the other for maximum demand. Therefore, a clear understanding of how these two rates are set in your area and how they affect your energy costs can be very effective in helping you save costs. Moreover, understanding these issues allows you to better control the use of electricity.



4. Solar Energy Storage System

The electricity bills of enterprises will be effectively controlled when solar cells are combined with commercial solar systems. These cells are only the size of a small refrigerator, but they can provide a convenient way to reduce the need for charging. This kind of solar cells can release the stored energy at any time to meet people's electricity demand.

solar photovoltaic systems 

Solar storage systems can be purchased or leased directly from your solar power supplier. Most solar panels have a 25-year warranty. When you buy or rent a solar storage system, the supplier will also include the system in the warranty, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost. 


Ask your supplier to analyze your panel load in detail so they can help you assess whether solar storage is suitable for your business. If you purchase panels produced by Luxen Solar, we will take the initiative to analyze your enterprise energy costs and try our best to provide you with appropriate solar photovoltaic system installation and solar storage services.

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