How to Promote the Development of Solar Photovoltaic Systems?

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solar photovoltaic modules

Solar energy is a clean and abundant renewable energy with unique advantages and huge utilization potential. At present, the global environmental pollution and energy depletion are getting worse. Promoting the application of solar photovoltaic systems can alleviate the problems. Secondly, strengthening the application of solar photovoltaic systems can promote the development of photovoltaic industry, drive the current economy and solve employment pressure and other problems. As the low power generation efficiency of solar photovoltaic modules is a major bottleneck restricting the solar photovoltaic development, two methods have emerged one after another at home and abroad to improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaic power generation.



1. Light Intensity Tracking Technology

As we all know, the angle of the sunlight is constantly changing for a solar PV system at a fixed location. According to this characteristic of sunlight, this technology makes the orientation of solar panels accurately track the changes of solar position, and the incidence angle of the sunlight is always perpendicular to the solar panel, so as to improve the efficiency of solar panel generation.



solar photovoltaic modules

2. Concentrating Technology

Concentrating technology is one of the effective ways to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation. A certain area of sunlight is irradiated onto the solar panel through a concentrating system. This increases the intensity of light irradiated on the solar panels, reduces the usage of solar photovoltaic panels and improves efficiency.


Concentrating sunlight on conventional solar panels not only improves the output power of solar panels per unit area, but also overcomes the dispersibility of solar energy and the non-uniformity of sunlight, so as to avoid local overheating of solar panels.



3. Promote Solar Photovoltaic System

At present, the photovoltaic system in various countries is mainly used for industrial applications and solar photovoltaic products, including solar energy street lights, lawn lights, solar traffic lights, solar photovoltaic buildings, photovoltaic power stations, and solar landscape lighting. This shows that there is a large space in the market development of solar photovoltaic systems.


The electricity consumption in modern society is mainly divided into two ways: commercial electricity and social electricity. The use of solar photovoltaic generation in these two systems is very few. Therefore, the government should encourage the solar photovoltaic systems to be improved in various fields.



solar photovoltaic modules

3. Conclusion

Solar energy is an ideal alternative energy source. The advantages of solar energy are incomparable to conventional power generation and other power generation methods. But if we want to make full use of solar energy, we need to continue to study solar power technology, and propose new technological innovations to improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaic systems and reduce the cost of solar photovoltaic generation.


Popularizing the use of solar power technology can promote the related industries, make it the pillars in economic development, and reduce domestic employment pressure and other related issues.

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