How to Get Further Development for Small and Mid-sized Rooftop Solar Energy Installers?

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Residential solar panels are gaining more and more market share. To take advantage of this growing market, small and mid-sized roof installers need to grow their business nimbly. How to stand out in the fierce competition should be an urgent problem to be considered by current installers.Next, we will focus on the current market situation of solar panels and four effective development directions.



1. The Current State of the Residential Solar Market

A recent Pew Research revealed 46% of American homeowners seriously consider installing solar panels on their roofs. This is a big improvement compared with the data collected in 2016. But surprisingly, only 6% of American homeowners now have solar panels installed. This situation gives installers a lot of space to achieve sales.


If you’re a small or mid-sized rooftop solar installer, consider these four ways to grow your business and bring solar energy to more households.



2. Four Ways in which Small and Mid-sized Rooftop Solar Installers can Develop Their Business

(1) Set up Online Consulting Platform

With the development of social network, online inquiry and potential customer improvement are critical to the growth of rooftop solar installers. More and more customers turn to the Internet to buy solar panels. However, some installers are used to offline trading and fail to open online services in time, which will make them face some difficulties.Therefore, setting up some online interactive platforms which are easy to communicate can greatly improve the consultation rate of customers and promote the occurrence of transactions.

qualification certificates

(2) Obtain other qualification certificates

A qualified rooftop solar panel installer must already have a roofing license or local equivalent. Potential customers will feel more assured in your qualifications, and more likely to go with your services, if they see more accreditation. The following certificates are very useful to help you promote solar roof services:

Certified Solar Roofing Professional

Solar Business and Technical Sales Certificate

Residential and Commercial Photovoltaic Systems Certificate

Renewable Energy Applications Certificate

mono crystal PV modules

(3) Considerthe Fashion Trend of the Society

Traditional blue, aluminum framed poly-silicon modules have become the common style of most houses. In fact, these homeowners think that this kind of design is old-fashioned and not in harmony with their house style aesthetically.


The new black-on-black styles of mono crystal PV modules is a good solution to this problem.When communicating with consumers, installers can tell homeowners that they now have solar panels that perfectly match the color of the roof , and are more novel and fashionable than traditional ones.


(4) Strengthen Win-win Cooperation with Manufacturers

After solving the aesthetics of photovoltaic modules, the quality of the panels also plays an important role in a homeowner's choice of solar energy. Homeowners want solar panels to work throughout the life of the PV system. Residential solar customers are not greedy for cheap prices, but hope that the panel has a long-term quality assurance.


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