How Solar Photovoltaic System Is Used in Ships?

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In an era when the slogan of energy conservation and environmental protection is widely appealed by all walks of life, the application of solar photovoltaic systems to ships is to save resources, reduce waste and provide a healthy and clean living environment for us and future generations. With the current world energy shortage, the resources used for the shipbuilding industry will naturally be restricted.


Therefore, in order to ensure that the development of the industry cannot conflict with the policies of energy saving and environmental protection, using solar photovoltaic systems will be a major trend in the future development. It can definitely promote the development of ecological ships with reasonable layout and three-dimensional greening, and provide sustainable power for the future ship industry.



Solar Photovoltaic System in Ships

1. Current Situation of Solar Photovoltaic System in Ships

At present, the current regulations of various countries have made a specification for the application of solar photovoltaic system in ships. In view of the development of related technologies, solar photovoltaic system is not only used as the auxiliary power for ships, but is also applied in the operation of many ships. The main application types of ships are sightseeing yachts and pleasure boats.



2. Technical Characteristics of Solar Modules Applied in Ships

The installation of solar photovoltaic panels used in ships affects the power generation of solar panels. Crystalline silicon solar panels and thin-film solar panels are commonly used in ships. If the former is covered by slight shelter, it will have a greater impact on the power generation of solar photovoltaic panels and cause a great loss of power efficiency. Therefore, the solar energy installers should not only consider the location of the sun, but also realize the shielding effect of the cover on the solar panel.


Solar Photovoltaic System in Ships

In addition, when installing solar panels, the ventilation of the ship should also be considered. When the ventilation is not good, the high temperature of the internal components will reduce the power generation of the solar panel. 



3. Prospect of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Shipbuilding Industry

The solar photovoltaic technology of small cruise ships can learn from the battery array installation mode to solve and improve the limited space occupied by the deck. At the same time, since small cruise ships require less energy, the battery capacity of solar batteries should be matched to avoid resources waste.


However, because large ocean-going ships require more energy, solar photovoltaic systems are only used as auxiliary power sources for ships. As large ocean-going ships have provided more space for solar panel installation, solar panel technology should be improved to reduce technical risks.



Solar Photovoltaic System in Ships

With the continuous development of solar photovoltaic technology, the capacity of photovoltaic systems has gradually increased in the total electricity consumption of ships. This shows that the on-grid system for solar photovoltaic and ship power will be a new trend in the future.

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