Can You Extend the Lifespan of Solar Panels?

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Solar panels are playing an increasingly important role in today's daily life. As a kind of clean energy, solar panels can produce energy for your home for many years and you can also get a considerable return on investment.


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Most solar photovoltaic panels have an life expectancy of 25 years. Solar energy companies will also provide standard warranty services for your solar energy system during this period. Surprisingly, you don't have to replace the solar panel after 25 years, because you can extend its service life in some ways and save a replacement cost.


So next we will explain to you why solar panels degrade and how to reduce the degradation of solar panels.


1. Validity of Solar Panels

From a technical perspective, solar panels do not have a fixed validity period. However, as time goes by, the chemical efficiency of the solar panels naturally decreases, the performance of the solar panels will naturally decrease.


At the same time, some extreme weather can cause physical damage to solar panels. If your area suffers from weather conditions such as hail, the ice falling on the solar panels will crack the solar panel surface and eventually fail to operate normally.


In addition, solar panels in areas with large temperature differences tend to have more hidden dangers. Because the semiconductor materials in solar panels will shrink or expand, it is easier to overreact in these areas.


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2. Which Components May Need replacing?

As an object to fix solar panels, solar photovoltaic supports are exposed to the external environment all year round, so they are more vulnerable to damage.


The inverter is one of the most critical components in a solar photovoltaic system, so we recommend that you replace it every ten years. The inverter almost never stops working as it keep converting the direct current into the alternating current for household use. As a result, the degradation rate of the inverter will be higher than that of general components.


In addition, many families will install additional solar cells to store excess solar energy. Most solar cells have a ten-year warranty and must be replaced after these years.


In summary, if you want your solar panels to maintain good power generation efficiency for a long time, you'd better maintain the solar panels themselves and the components inside regularly. At the same time, you should also pay attention to changes in the external environment and make timely response.



3. Maintenance Measures

Daily maintenance also plays a certain role in extending the life of solar panels.


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First of all, you can regularly rinse the surface of the solar panel. The panel is placed on the rooftop all year round, and the dust may cause scratches on the surface. If it is not regularly cleaned up, a small problem will turn into serious consequences.


Cooperating with reputable solar manufacturers is an important prerequisite for ensuring the operation of solar systems. Qualified solar manufacturers will promptly remind you whether there is a problem with the solar panel and if the components are malfunctioning.



If you follow the above steps, we believe that your solar panels will bring more benefits to your home

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